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Former Megadeth guitarist Chris Poland has released his new album "Resistance"

Former Megadeth guitarist, Chris Poland, has released his new album, Resistance - a deep journey into the idiom of jazz from a composer and player with an edge. Poland’s compositions are like narrations of all the complexities of life, both beauty and challenge are equally embraced in the process.

The album was produced by Chris Poland and Jim Gifford, engineered, mixed & mastered by Matt Shultz, and recorded & mixed at Narwhal Studios and Music Garage in Chicago.

"Battle Bots (feat. Rhymefest) "The Kid" "I Have No Idea" "Moonchild (for Kaleigh)" "Den" "Sunday" "The Journey" "Next One" "Django" "Flame Runner" (for Nick Menza) "Maiden Voyage" "Song For Brad" (for Brad Zandstra)


Chris Poland - guitar Bill Dickens - bass David Taylor - guitar Jim Gifford - drums Kevin Woods Guin - bass ("Django", "Den", "Maiden Voyage") Felicia Patton - vocal ("Battle Bots", "The Journey") Rhymefest - vocal ("Battle Bots") Albert Caldwell - organ ("Song For Brad")

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