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SONIC RIOT release 80s-inspired hard rock and heavy metal debut album

Carrying the name of the band, “Sonic Riot” is the debut album of said band, which delivers a solid combo of 80s-inspired hard rock and heavy metal that shows riff by riff where its sound is rooted, yet still surprises with modern influences in every song. The album features the virtuosic guitars of Paul Arzberger and Markus Schemitsch who deliver straight forward riffs as well as melodic solos, mixed with a thundering rhythm section consisting of Loris Doff’s drum shaking play style and Andrej Samsanovich’s smoothly finger-picked bass. Raphael Tukovics (ex-Force) shows with high pitched screams and beautiful vocal lines that the spirit of old school hard rock is very much alive. Recorded in their own studio and mixed and mastered by sound wizard Friedrich Habetler, the album features something for everybody: fast and high pitched songs with questionable titles such as “Razor D”, as well as beautiful power ballads and hammering mid-tempo compositions.

 Sonic Riot was formed in November 2015 and after exchanging two members on guitar and bass in their early days, they have become the team which you can see on stage today. The band consists of five guys who share the same love for hard and heavy music from the 80s and its modern forms. Inspired by bands such as Skid Row, Iron Maiden, G'n'R, Judas Priest, Alter Bridge and Metallica, Sonic Riot create a modern Sound, which has never forgotten its roots.

The band's members are already veterans of numerous shows, also with other bands. Their sound is carried by the thundering drums of Loris Doff and Andrej Samsanovich's bass lines. Paul Arzberger and Markus Schemitsch both share their parts of rhythm and lead guitars and Raphael Tukovics rounds off everything with his high melodic voice.


Band Line-Up:
Raphael Tukovics – vocals
Paul Arzberger – guitar
Markus Schemitsch – guitar
Andrej Samsanovich – bass
Loris Doff – drums

CD Track Listing:
1. Sonic Riot
2. Hard Nights
3. Break The Chains
4. The Songs Never Heard
5. A World That Only Harms
6. Straight On
7. A Sin For A Sin
8. Release The Anger
9. Razor D
10. Dead Electric

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