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DYNAZTY "The Dark Delight" Album Review

Formed in Stockholm, Sweden in 2008, Dynazty has released 6 albums in a mere 10 years time so far. Straying from its early days of 80s influenced hard rock, the band has developed and refined its sound into something that merges the modern metal scene with the past, crafting something wholly unique. Today the band is comprised of highly respected and sought after musicians, active on the metal scene in more than one way. Bassist Jonathan Olsson can also be seen in both Lindemann and Pain, while guitarist Love Magnusson and drummer Georg Härnsten Egg frequently tour with rock legends such as Dee Snider and Joe Lynn Turner. Guitarist Mikael Lavér has been featured with both Lindemann and Joe Lynn Turner, while singer Nils Molin can be heard and seen around the globe with the ever rising star of fellow Swedish band Amaranthe.

From the time the band released their debut album "Bring The Thunder" up to Dynazty's present release, you can really hear the maturity and how the band has evolved over time.

2012 release of "Sultans Of Sin" began to take on a bit of a transformation to where the band finds itself today. From a hard rock band into more of a power metal band. The highlights for me are "Heartless Madness", "Presence Of Mind", "The Black", and "Paradise Of The Architect"

There is no denying Dynazty has upped their game this time on "The Dark Delight."

Track listing

1. Presence Of Mind

2. Paradise Of The Architect

3. The Black

4. From Sound To Silence

5. Hologram

6. Heartless Madness

7. Waterfall

8. Threading The Needle

9. The Man And The Elements

10. Apex

11. The Road To Redemption

12. The Dark Delight

13. The Shoulder Devil

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