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Imagine vibe of seventies that arranged with flavor of eighties, mixed in a modern way and came from Saint Petersburg, north capital of Russia, where everything is imbued with the era of imperial times. The sixth studio album “Mercy, Please Mercy!” from once again proves that instrumental music has no boundaries. Years of experience gives the musicians ability to create the sounds by their own tastes without confrontation between artist and producer. This music represents internal state with no doubts. Work devoid of trends pressure but filled with revelations. “Mercy, Please Mercy!” is available on a physical CD, vinyl, You Tube and major streaming services.

Music of has its recipe in the perfect blend of Queen’s harmony, Metallica’s ruthlessness, and Black Sabbath’s witchcraft. People call it “soundtrack for life” meaning this instrumental music takes you through a journey each time you hear it with no excuses, especially during live shows.

Story begins in 2002, when fifteen–year-old Russian guitarist Sergey Tabachnikov figured out that no vocal makes no problems and wrote his first instrumental song ‘JB’. Later in 2010 this track released on a debut album “Head Movies”. Unbelievable, but this song is still the most popular according to stream counts and crowd reaction at the concerts. After the first release band did 146 shows all across Russia and post-USSR countries touring for two years. While most instrumental artists trying to impress the audience with technical tricks, makes people empathize by melodies and frankness. Audience always thankful and compares live shows to church visits where after intense experiences you find peace. Twelve songs for the new album “Mercy, Please Mercy!” were selected from thirty tracks written in the last four years, and recorded in a six months, in secluded studio, in the forests of north Russia by Sergey Tabachnikov and drummer Roman Petrosyan. Album is available on CD, vinyl and digital at web store. For ten years did more than 600 successful shows in Russia, post Soviet countries and China. Released six studio albums streamed worldwide. Next year band is going for the first European tour. Band Line-Up: Sergey Tabachnikov – guitars, bass, keyboards Roman Petrosyan – drums, saxophone, percussion CD Track Listing: 1. Jaguar 2. Tribe Solder 3. Sombrero 4. Mercy 5. Dust Boy 6. Flower Unplucked 7. Shark Groove 8. Suffer 9. The Rover 10. Bright Light Night 11. Overcome 12. You Are Here Social Media Links:

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