The United Rock Nations (T.U.R.N.) release debut single 'Forgotten Souls'

The United Rock Nations (T.U.R.N.) is a quality band that has broken the norm of music making. They create music together in separate locations around the world. Hailing with the inspiration of Guns N’ Roses, Scorpions, Skid Row, Def Leppard and Van Halen.

This band brings the familiarity of the 80s into 2020. Originally formed by Hammer Head (Bass,USA) and Daniel Valberg(Vocals, Sweden) as a cover project. Hammer and Daniel realizes they figured a formula to start an original band that has rarely been done before. After they realized they had potential, Hammer found a multi-instrument musical genius in Graham Lane(Guitar,Keyboards, England).

The three started working on songs that had been laying around in their catalog. Once the band started rolling they continued to perfect their craft of remote recording and writing together, Hammer then recruiter his talented brother DES Samita (Guitar, USA). There was still a missing piece and after many try outs and failures the band didn’t give up at finding their drummer. After 18 months of working together they found Spencer Langley(Drums, USA). TURN has found its groove, the unknown has occurred, and the future is certain that this band can rock!

Check out the new single 'Forgotten Souls' HERE

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