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Mike Tramp storms into first place on the Danish vinyl hit list

One of Danish rock's most vibrant figures is sticking his head out this week with a solid first place on the Danish vinyl charts, with his new album "Second Time Around".

"Second Time Around" is a classic Mike Tramp album, solidly rooted in the rock history that has created Tramp's own career with echoes of everything from Thin Lizzy, Bruce Springsteen and The Who - added to his own mythical sound, from his American rock adventure, and the last 20 years solo career.

This first place marks two weeks in a row where Target Group goes number one on the vinyl hit list with a rock release, after Red Warszawa new album - a trend we can only cheer for, as one of the country's only labels that still believes in publishing rock and metal!

"In a time when being a Highway and Nomad Rock'n'Roller, could be the worst and most dangerous job around, it’s both heartwarming and uplifting to know that my fans the world over, still support my music, no matter what. Being a die-hard vinyl freak and a 70's child., it is great to know that I share this love with many of my fans”, Tramp says. "Second Time Around" can be ordered here. Web:

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