Canadian rockers Graveyard Disciples unleash "Devil's Night"

Our album Devil's Night was a few years in the work and now we are really proud to unleash it to the world. We put efforts into making a diverse, original and strong album we think. It's infused with rock influences and with a lot of metal inspiration too, we think it's a great blend and our style is something rare in nowadays scene in our humble opinion! We really hope people from all around the world will enjoy having their favorite drink and crank this opus loud! After talking many times about the idea of creating a rock/metal band during nights of listening to good music and drinking a few beers betwee n musician friends, the band Graveyard Disciples was born in Chicoutimi-Nord, Quebec (Canada). It was in October 2014 that our first rehearsal took place, quite a fitting month for this kind of music. Our goal was to write our own songs from the start and we did that. We took our time to compose around 10 original songs from scratch with the ideas of Dave as the base for the music, and the band helped arranging the songs. The lyrics would be composed by J.-F. mostly and Dave on some songs also. We also did some covers to include in our live setlist, from bands like UFO, Judas Pirest, The 69 Eyes ect.

We hit the bars and venues around our town and started working on our album 'Devil's Night'. It took us some years to complete the album, we had to wait for our sound engineer to build his home basement studio, which was worth the wait because it was awesome recording there. Two members of the band also had babies so it slowed the process down a little bit, but we finally completed the processus and we are proud of the end result. For an independant band, with no label and a limited budget we achieved to make it sound quite good we think. We injected thousands of dollars in this venture with no regrets. Sadly our lead guitarist and main composer left the band in early 2020 due to personnal differences. We all agreed to put the project on ice for now. We are still really proud of our album and we hope that our music will live on and reach other countries in the world. You never know what the future can hold do you? If there would be offers for us you can't help but think that something could happen. Some members of the band will have new projects out soon too so keep an eye out!

Band Line-Up: Dave Bergeron - Lead guitars Francis Tremblay - Rhythm guitars Gabriel Laforest - Drums J.-F. Crow - Lead vocals Maxime Bergeron - Bass and backing vocals Mathieu Fiset - Guest keyboards on track 1 and 9 CD Track Listing: 1. Among the Tombs (Introduction) 2. Forsaken 3. Dark River 4. Mouth of the Lion 5. Only Lovers Are Left Alive 6. Above & Beyond 7. Devil's Night 8. What Gets Through 9. If It's Over Social Media Links:


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