Russian band KING’s OVERDRIVE release debut self titled album

King’s Overdrive is a debut studio album by the Russian band King’s Overdrive which features original electrifying hard rock with a light punk and rock and roll vibe. The songs are full of hard guitar riffs, groovy beats, roaring bass lines, melodic solos and powerful vocals with expressive and catchy lyrics. The album tells about the good and the bad things in life. “King’s Overdrive” is available on all your favorite streaming services. The history of the band began in May 2015 when Dmitry Pervushin and Nick Mar decided to leave their previous musical project in order to create a new band that would play heavier and more exciting music. They were later joined by the vocalist Alex Z and started their first rehearsals. During that time they wrote their first songs - ‘Take Your Time’, ‘Hearse Driver’, ‘Hell’s Train’ and ‘Jenny’ - while still looking for someone to play the drums. Finally, in November 2016, the band was joined by the drummer Alex Ognev. With the line-up complete, they prepared their first concert program within two months and in February 2017 they played their first gig at the ‘Alibi’ night club. In the following six months the band was preparing for a studio recording of their songs while having several more performances. They started recording for the album ‘King’s Overdrive’ in September 2017 in AM Studio. The main objective while recording was to infuse rock and roll music with primal aggression and power. Dmitry, Nick and Alex spent many hours in the studio in search for the best and rawest sound. Last recording sessions took place in September 2019 when they worked on the song ‘Town’.

They spent two and a half years making their debut album ‘King’s Overdrive’ and during that time they gained in experience and knowledge. This album is made in the best traditions of hard rock, punk rock and rock and roll. Now the band is preparing their new concert program and writing new songs for their second album. Band Line-Up: Alex Ognev – drums Alex Z – lead vocals Dmitry Pervushin – guitars Nik Mar – bass CD Track Listing: 1 - Take Your Time 2 - Hell’s Train 3 - Religion 4 - Smoke And Light 5 - Hearse Driver 6 - Jenny 7 - Don’t Blame Me 8 - Town Social Media Links:


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