Mountain's Foot release self-titled debut album

'Mountain's Foot' is the self-titled debut album and synthesis of the four rock souls that make up the band. A fusion of classic rock, hard rock, ballads and psychedelia that canalize their energies into a collection of songs for both sweet and rough tastes. A sincere accumulation of tracks for all palates. It all started one late summer evening in 2016 in Verbania (Italy), with a phone call between two long time friends: Mauro Ramozzi (guitarist) and Simone Facchi (drummer), who agreed to meet once again for a couple of jam sessions, and to stretch their fingers after some years of rest. Both of them had been musically quiet for a while. In previous years they played together in various rock and roll projects (a long time collaboration started in the nineties, with The Jolly Roger’s and later with Electric 69, with whom they recorded their last album at Steve Albini’s Electrical Audio Studios in Chicago). This was fuelled by their huge passion for the sound that typically came from the late sixties and middle seventies. For this occasion they decided to also call another friend, soaked with the same passion: Matteo “Steak” Scaringelli (vocals/guitarist), who came from a more folk music-oriented, artistic landscape, but with a secret adoration for rock. During the first rehearsal the chemistry was already tangible, the fire’s started and they decided to continue: they needed a bass. Fabio Bonomi (ex The Jolly Roger’s, 4 My Silence, Bonies & Hot Sausages) was the right guy. He was a little busy at the time but decided to swing by… and then immediately jumped on-board. The band was set, but it needed a name: Mountain’s Foot. Sounds good, it’s powerful and it’s the literal translation of their beloved region. Perfect. The first rehearsal together led the four to sizing each other up like good boxers, but both Ramozzi and Scaringelli had already in store a couple of riffs, freshly baked. The great musical affinity between them and the passion for the long nights, made of guitars and beers, led them to translate those riffs into songs. The lyrics reveal real life events, introspections, anger, happiness and inspirations based upon the tales of local legends and loves gone. The songs start to gather and so begins the live activities, where the guys raise discreet popularity in local clubs and more. This pushes the band to make the next decision, and put what has been done so far, down on paper. The band meets at Marco Cassone’s MC Power Studios to record its self-named album. They sign for Delta promotion, a brand new label that acts as the album's distribution, as well as, organising the promotional tour, which was set for the beginning of spring. Everything is ready to go, but a damn virus throws a spanner into the works. The record is now out in all digital stores and also on CD. With regards to the live promotional tour, only time will tell...

Band Line-Up: Matteo Scaringelli - Lead Singer / Guitars Mauro Ramozzi - Guitars / backing vocals Simone Facchi - Drums / backing vocals Fabio Bonomi - Bass CD Track Listing: 1. Angry Bear 2. Little Big Valley Man 3. Admirable Vision 4. Rock and Roll Dose 5. My Happy Song 6. By Way Home 7. Always Sick And Tired 8. On a Beat of a Gun 9. Libra Social Media Links:


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