WORLD WAR FOUR drop new video for "I, Monster"

Lineup changes over the years has left the band with a collection of songs recorded at various times in various studios. This Hostile Species was released digitally on April 17 2020 to consolidate the bands legacy thus far and appease the fans asking for the songs as we prepare to take the War onward.

Opening track ‘I, Monster’ states the band’s dark intent with a brooding, twisted look inside at the beast within us all. ‘Ghost’ is the true tale of a young girls’ spiralling self-destruction through amphetamines. ‘Absolution’ is all about the sweetest of all dishes, brutal, unforgiving, cold revenge. ‘Pet Hate is a lesson in self- realisation gone wrong, finding out you are what you despise. ‘Knife Fight (I Will Take My Gun)’ is about dominance and fearing no one and’ One Mad Afro’ is based on a true incident involving a homeless wreck of a person. ‘Face’ is another detailed account of revenge and vindication and ‘D.H.P’ is a horror story of deprivation and despair, the smell of piss, grime and hopelessness.

Recorded with vehemence and wrapped in big guitars, driving bass and concussive drums This Hostile Species is a brutal ride through some grim landscapes and parts of humanity we’d sometimes choose to ignore. Indeed, a brutal account of ourselves, the most hostile of all species. A three-man army, World War Four have been a bastion of the metal scene in New Zealand for well over a decade. Founding member Paul Martin (Devilskin, Knightshade, Blackjack) formed the genesis band in 2000 as a side project to keep up with the songs he had been writing. Comfortable playing guitar and singing in a power trio situation Paul put the band to work gigging hard, recording and touring immediately. With support slots for Motorhead (twice), Black Label Society, Black Sabbath, Paul Dianno, Blaze Bailey and Ripper Owens, the band has proved themselves worthy of their reputation as a fierce, no compromise, hard hitting live act. With an organic heavy rock sound more akin to Motorhead/Ozzy/Danzig the band have forged their own sound and tracks like Pet Hate, Red Cab, I, Monster and Ghost becoming firm crowd favourites. Regular gigs and airplay on metal radio shows have helped the band build a loyal and solid fanbase nationwide. Consolidating the lineup in 2017 with Morgan Timu, bassist/vocalist for metal act Leave The Dead on drums and Nathan Waters from Medusa Glare and Sabbath tribute After Forever, has seen the band grow from strength to brutal strength. With an intimidating presence and a truculent and compelling arsenal of songs World War Four mean business.

Band Line Up: Morgan Timu: Drums b/vocals. Nathan Waters: Bass b/vocals Paul Martin: Guitar, vocals CD Tracklist: 1. I, Monster 2. Ghost 3. Absolution 4. Pet Hate 5. Knife Fight (I Will Take My Gun) 6. One Mad Afro 7. Face 8. D.H.P Web and Social Media Links:


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