RAVEN to release new album September 2020

Jimmy Kay and Alan Dixon for The Metal Voice recently spoke to NWOBHM band Raven's singer/ Bassist John Gallagher about Motorhead Dayplus news about Raven's up and coming studio album. The interview was done on Zoom via Youtube Live on May 8 2020 Watch the whole interview here

Can you give us an update on their up and coming new studio album?

" We have had this pain in the ass process of getting this new album together, with just about every hurdle and impediment that got got in the way of it. However it will be coming out September 2020 and we would like to have one single out beforehand probably around July 2020. It will blow a lot of people's minds." Musical Direction of the new album?

"I guess you can take the live album we put out last year and that points to where the new studio album will be, it's an introduction to what we will be dealing with on this new studio album. It's fast, it's crazy a lot of insane playing on it and we really went balls out on it all the way through. So far people who have heard it are saying, are you F$$$ kidding me? " Is the new album in the can and ready to go or just demos?

"The album is in the can and ready to go just a few odds and sods to clean up like getting the artwork stuff together but ya it's ready to rock." Which album in the Raven back catalog would you compare it to?

"It's basically if time traveled to 1982 when we were doing the album after 'Wiped Out'continuing in that vein. There are a couple of really really fast songs. its opens up with a killer one called 'The Power', then a fast one called 'Human Race' and there is an epic song called 'When worlds collide' and some good rock and roll Raven style songs as well. " RAVEN's latest album, "ExtermiNation", was released in April 2015 via SPV/Steamhammer

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