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FnA Records to release Bomb Squad "Detonation"

Bomb Squad was a Baltimore based band that was formed in 1990 after the break-up of the critically acclaimed band, Mannekin! Bomb Squad was the vision of manager Mark O’Toole, D.J. Glass, and Greg Orem to create a band with an all-star lineup. During Mannekin’s touring days, management became familiar with and worked with other popular club bands on the national circuit. With Greg and D.J. as the foundation, Mr. O’Toole recruited multi-talented lead vocalist/lead guitarist Mark Williams (Kaleiwahea) from Hawaii’s #1 band, Sacred Rite.

Then came drummer extraordinaire, Scott LeClaire, from the Michigan based band, Kody Lee. Management also discovered a little known singer from Sweden, Johan Salen. After several months of songwriting, rehearsals, and a few shows, it became obvious that Mark K was a more superior lead vocalist, so the vocal duties changed.

The band officially came out as the New Mannekin. A demo was recorded and a tour followed after. The band received mixed reviews, as this New Mannekin version didn’t live up to the hype of the old version. Greg longed for the old Mannekin days, became disenchanted, and left the band. To take his place, were Scott Purcell (Lead guitarist and lead vocalist) and Billy Andrews (guitarist/vocalist) from East Coast fan favorite, Sidewinder. With the new changes, Mark K put down his guitar and became lead vocalist/frontman and the line-up was set. At this time, the band was renamed, Bomb Squad.

With the new line-up came new covers, new originals, and a new demo. During extensive touring, the band was featured at the Concrete Foundations unsigned bands. After spending time in LA, the band’s musical direction became heavier much to the dismay of Billy, causing his departure from the band. This allowed Mark K. to once again pick up his guitar and pull double duty. This final line-up received rave reviews. With 2 extremely talented lead vocalists and lead guitarists, the band’s new sound was powerful, yet melodic. Once again, new originals were written, new demos were recorded, and extensive touring ensued. The new look and sound developed a strong following and the future looked bright.

However in 1993, the landscape of the music scene had drastically changed from hair bands and heavy rock to grunge, hip hop, and rap. It then became obvious the band would not get the major recording deal it had sought as live shows became few and far between. This spelled the beginning of the end for Bomb Squad.FnA Records is proud to bring you Detonation, the new 12 track album from Bomb Squad. It is bombastic – a real force to be reckoned with. The songs are solid and clever and the music takes you right back to the early 1990’s. Despite the ups and downs, Bomb Squad a valient effort to hit the big leagues. At the below link, you can listen to and/or watch the crowd favorite tune: Your Love Makes Me High.

Bomb Squads music video can be viewed at:

Here you will be able to hear what the super group Mannekin morphed into.Purchase the album at:

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