The Royal Beggars release new EP 'Wounded Hearts and Bloodstained Souls'

The Royal Beggars 'Wounded Hearts and Bloodstained Souls' is the second EP by the Swedish west coast rockers. They've managed to capture all the right elements. It's glamrock, it's bluesy with a punky feel to it. With a sound that feels both honest and raw, it's the kind of record that makes you wanna crank up the volume and pour yourself a drink. Their latest release offers six songs that oozes of cheap liquor, cigarettes and broken hearts. The art work, made by Tyla J. Pallas of the Dogs D'Amour, is the last piece of the puzzle making this their greatest achievement so far.

Jonas and David first met a sunny day at Sweden Rock Festival back in 2011. After some conversation they realized that they had more in common than they ever could imagine. They had both travelled cross-country, just to find out that they lived down the street from each other back home. After a month or two they bumped in to one another at their local pub, one wild night later, the pair became inseparable. The two started to jam together and decided to start a band. They called a childhood friend of David, Caesar Ivarsson and invited him to play drums. (Some years later he decided to quit the band and start LMH Record Lable, which The Royal Beggars are now signed to.) One night the trio went out to the Gothenburg Rock Bar and met a guy who'd just moved to Sweden from Los Angeles, U.S. It turned out to be London LeGrand, the former lead singer of Nikki Sixx and Tracii Guns band, 'Brides of Destruction'. The four of them hit if of quickly and already the next day the band 'Rockstars on Mars' was formed, this was back in 2013. The band released some music and did shows all over Sweden. It was around this time the guys first met Emil Thoresson and Johan Gingfelt, who would over the years become close friends of the band. After a couple of intence years and some line-up changes later, 'Rockstars on Mars' found themselves without a drummer. They quickly hired Emil Thoresson for the position to do a few live shows. Around this time the partying and debauchery started to catch up with them, things were starting to spiral out of control. The final nail in the coffin for the band was when lead singer London LeGrand got deported due to an expired visa and the band was abruplty put on ice. Early 2017, Jonas, David and Emil found themselves at a crossroads, deciding to start a new band called 'The Royal Beggars'. David, previously the bass player, choose to pick up the rythm guitar. As he was the one writing the majority of the songs, Jonas felt it only natural that David should take the place as lead singer, which he reluctantly did. He soon grew in to his new role, as the band found themselves in need of a bass player. This is where the last piece of the puzzle came in to the picture, in the form of an old friend. Johan Gingfelt soon joined forces, making the band complete, ready to make their presence known. The band recorded their first EP, 'Tales from Disgraceland' in the spring of 2018. Following the release they started to play all around Sweden, leaving a trail of empty bottles whereever they went. Since then they've shared stage with bands as Tyler Bryant and the shakedown, Adam Bomb and The Drippers, to mention a few. The band entered the studio once again late 2019 to record their second EP, 'Wounded Hearts N' Bloodstained Souls'. After the release of the EP April 24th 2020, they became ready to hit the road once again. Band Line-Up David Roobert - lead vocals/guitar/harmonica Jonas Heimdahl - lead guitar Johan Gingfelt - bass Emil Thoresson - drums/percussion

Track list: 1. Wasted N' Wanted 2. Broken Heart of Glass 3. How Do You Do 4. Lay Me Down To Rest 5. Lonely Dead Red Rose 6. Heartbreak Lullaby Web and Social Media:

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