Mike Tramp releases new album "Second Time Around"

Today, ex-White Lion and Freak Of Nature singer MIKE TRAMP releases his new solos album, "Second Time Around". With a career in his own name worthful of his rich past, Tramp is living one of the most creative moments of his life. "I often listen to my many previous solo albums and say to myself I should have sung it this way or changed the melody that way. At the same time, I accept that it was the best I could do at that moment! I worked with what I had and knew.", Tramp comments. "This life doesn’t often give you a Second Time Around, but if it does - consider yourself lucky and grab it. The songs on “Second Time Around” have been with me for a long, long time. I remember writing the first song “When She Cries”, October 2, 2005 the day after my daughter Isabel had been born. It was like a whole new door opened and all these songs came out over the next few months along with a whole other bunch of songs, which have all ended up on different albums. You can say it was the most creative time in my 44 years in the rock’n’roll uniform".

"Second Time Around" tracklist: 01. All Of My Life 02. The Road 03. Anymore 04. Come On 05. Between Good And Bad 06. Lay Down Your Guns 07. Highway 08. No Tomorrow 09. Back To You 10. When She Cries "Second Time Around" can be ordered here.

Facts about "Second Time Around": Words & Music by Mike Tramp Produced by Soren Andersen & Mike Tramp Mixed & Mastered by Peter Mannson @ Mir Studio, Stockholm, Sweden Recorded by Soren Andersen @ Medley Studio, Copenhagen, Denmark Additional Recording by Mike Tramp @ Many Places & More Audio finalizing: Henrik West Photos: Jakob Muxoll Layout: Søren Weiss A & R: Michael H. Andersen Mike Tramp: Vocal, Electric & Acoustic Guitar, Piano Oliver Steffensen: Main Guitar all songs Claus Langeskov: Bass Morten Hellborn: Drums Soren Andersen: Additional Guitar Jay Boe: Hammond B-3 Marcus Nand: 12 String Acoustic Guitar, 1st solo on “Back To You” Emily Garriock Langeskov: Backing Vocals Lars Rahbek Andresen: Piano on "Highway" facebook.com/MikeTrampOfficial

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