Avalanche unleassh new video for “Permanent Ink”

Avalanche are an electrifying, misfit, piss-off band of rock n’ rollers for a new generation. They first started playing music together in a steel factory in western Sydney after closing time, and after just 2 short years, they have firmly cemented themselves into the sticky floors of the national underground scene, with major national & international airplay, their own music festival and a signature sound & live show which routinely leaves the audience covered in blood, sweat and spit.

Now, they present their brand new single & music video for ‘Permanent Ink’, via Golden Robot Records.

With 2 single releases and a double-EP already under their belt, and a whole lotta songs about sin, sex, drugs, life and blues, ‘Permanent Ink’ is no different. A fast-paced, hard hitting, riff-driven thrill ride with plenty of surprises, about the insistence of society and some individuals to judge others by their ‘ink’; the tattoos, scars, experiences and passions we wear on our sleeve. It’s a groovy, grimey, bitch of a song turned up to 11, with solid driving rhythms, screeching solos and vocals that sound like they’ll bite your head off. And just when you think it’s all over, the bass comes thumping back, soon joined by the rest of the band for a crazy, heavy, amped up finale, crossing all borders of rock, metal, thrash, doom and punk in just 4 minutes 48 seconds.

The release of ‘Permanent Ink’, recorded, mixed and mastered at Def Wolf Studios in Kurnell by Mark Matula, comes just 3 months of the back off the band’s first headlining tour across the east coast for the re-release of their debut double-EP ‘Sent From Hell’ – featuring singles ‘Head First In Hell’ and ‘Balls Deep’ – which won the band a worldwide distribution deal thru Sliptrick Records based in the EU, and got dubbed “ a rock n’ roll masterpiece, with clear direction, tight instrumentation and songs that are sure to become classics…” by Happy Mag Weekly, AU.

Avalanche are 3 guys and a gal breaking strings, fingers, ear drums and other appendages all across the country, dedicated to bringing their heart-racing, gut-busting, roof crashing rock ‘n roll to a stage near you. The band is compromised of the sheer force of nature that is lead vocalist and bassist Steven Campbell, sweating, running, jumping and screaming all over the stage whilst stripped to the waist, and often doing the motions of ‘cumming’ on the audience with his bass and on lead guitarist Veronica ‘V’ Taleski, with a mound of shaggy black hair covering her face and a Gibson SG constantly by her side, she likes to play her blistering guitar solos on the floor, on the barricades, in the crowd and even outside.

Musically, combined with the air tight rhythm section of Ryan Roma aka ADHD on drums and Dave Grohl/Jesus look-alike & life of the party, Arthur Divis on Rhythm guitar, the band produce a massive, raw, ball tearing sound, inspired by the classic rock, punk and metal records of their dad’s collections, but played through the interpretation of a new generation.

With their high energy, piss of Rock n’ roll, Avalanche continue their bloody, sweaty on-stage rampage, giving no fucks and winning new fans every time they play.


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