Noturnall, with guitarist Mike Orlando, to stream "Made In Russia" on May 3rd

Russia, June 2019. Another historic moment for Brazilian metal. It was during this period that the band Noturnall, today formed by Thiago Bianchi (vocals), Mike Orlando (guitars), Saulo Xakol (bass) and Henrique Pucci (drums) did one of the most emblematic and intense tours of their career, alongside the North American band Disturbed. The shows that took place in Moscow, Yakateremburgo and Saint Petesburgo, mobilized a big crew and tons of equipment, that gave origin to the new DVD of the band: "Made In Russia". As odd as that June 2019 was, it is the current moment. Noturnall was forced to cancel his European tour alongside Sons Of Apollo, which would visit nine countries in March, in addition to the dates scheduled for Brazil, due to the coronavirus pandemic. Trusting science and health professionals, Noturnall then seeks to adapt to the current moment and continue making history by announcing, for the first time, the live stream of its DVD “Made In Russia”. The live streaming will take place through the Noturnall channels on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram from 7pm (Brazil Time) on May 3rd and has as one of its goals, to encourage social isolation among fans of the band and the entire heavy metal worldwide community. "Noturnall feels the duty to help, in some way, in the awareness that it is time to take care of ourselves, and to take care of others, and for that it is necessary to stay at home", says vocalist Thiago Bianchi. “In this complex moment, we would like to share with everyone, something that was very important for us, which was the making of this DVD. We hope to bring a little joy and emotion to everyone and remember that all of this will pass and we will get out of it, much better than we did. More responsible, more united. It is an opportune moment to show that it is important to have hope, because that is what led us to do this work.” Also according to Thiago Bianchi, the show's setlist on the DVD “Made In Russia” sought to bring together the main classics of Noturnall's career, although with an emphasis on new compositions written with the current formation, including an unreleased track. “Despite being a short show, we managed to cover most of the band's classics and still bring two songs that will be on our next album,“Scream! For !! Me!!!" - which originally featured none other than Mike Pornoy in the official video - and the title track of the album, “Cosmic Redemption”, which is a power metal sound, which we haven't done in a while. In fact, an unmissable program for true lovers of good Heavy Metal.”

To watch the DVD “Made In Russia”, just access one of the channels below on May 3rd from 7pm (Brazil Time) or 12am (CET) or 6pm (New York Time):

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