SNATCH BACK unleash new album "Ride Hard Ride Free"

Ride Hard Run Free the LP. Dedicated to dreamers and adventurers everywhere,The first full length album from British Rock band Snatch-Back since their reunion in 2016. This is their fourth commercial release and is a true step change, justifying their place in the league of top heavy rockers. Snatch-Back first formed mid seventies during the surge of New Wave of British Heavy Metal bands like Judas Priest. Their experience and pedigree of classic rock shines through in their driving influences.throughout this new 2020 album. The icing on the cake are bonus CD tracks that showcase Snatch-Back's early live perfomance. As a tribute to their growing hoards of worldwide fans, this work is a truly international project. Recorded in Britain for authentic heavy rock feel and mixed in Poland by Bart Gabriel and Ralf Kossakowski to sparkle with a hint of modern metal appeal. Finally the experience of Italian rock artist Roberto Toderico was commisioned to bring the concept of adventure and freedom epitomised by a cosmic, orgasmic motorcycle adventure.This terrific album is available directly from their website on luxurious gatefold vinyl or audio CD with three bonus tracks. The CD is in hard jewel case and four page booklet. The album is also available on YouTube Music and all streaming and download media. Snatch-Back formed in the mid seventies. forged in grimy, industrial North West Britain.They were strongly influenced to make their own statement in rock after watching many great touring bands in Liverpool at that time. The likes of TenYears After, Bad Company and Black Sabbath gave them a common bond to form a band together. They all realised there was room for a new band to express themselves writing in their own individual original style. The UK music scene at that time soon developed in the New Wave of British Heavy Metal movement which allowed Snatch-Back to play the same venues as Judas Priest, Def Leppard, Diamond Head and Iron Maiden. Snatch-Back's plan had always been to tour extensively in the hope of picking up the guidance of management and a record company. They made their own opportunities from day one. Between the late night sweaty, underground Liverpool clubs, cinema stages and large venues of north west England-Snatch-Back honed their craft playing shows in the widest variety of venues imaginable. Although there were a couple of near miss opportunities, Snatch-Back failed to compromise with the pop sound required to win over interested companies that caught their heavier rock shows. In 1979 they self financed released vinyl single “ Eastern Lady /Cryin' to the Night”. This was recorded in one off peak studio evening at Central Studios, Manchester. The studio was famous for the Buzzcocks and Joy Division early releases. Unfortunately, the engineers were more tuned to the indie factory records sound than rock.They feelt it didn't capture the true exciting atmosphere of the band. This single was only sold at live gigs, but currently it is highly collectable by rock and nwobhm fans throughout the world. The appeal of the band at that time was amazing. Their pinnacle achievement was self promoting a sell out local 600 seat theatre gig in the early eighties TWICE! This was incredible considering they had no recordings released apart from their single and performances were totally original material. There was no internet promotion in those days to draw audiences either. Shortly after these shows, Snatch-Back embarked on one days recording in 1982 at Liverpool Amazon Studios. This was later release in 2019 as a limited edition audio cassette. The recording is essentially live with minimum overdubs. It's a tribute to the band's tightness in live performance in that era. The band thought these songs deserved further development for inclusion on their 2020 LP. As live venues declined, Ian Wood was replaced on bass by Ste Kay. More experimental additions were made to match the bands developing writing style with Dave Taylor on second guitar and later Geoff Banks on keyboards. Eventually, increasing numbers of failing venues made it unrealistic for Snatch-Back to continue so they folded in the mid eighties. Fortunately, in 2016 they reunited in their original four piece line up to release their “Back in the Game” CD and downloads. This was recorded at Catalyst Studios, St Helens; across the road from their eighties sell out theatre gigs. They immediatley headlined a local festival gaining rave reviews so had not lost their peformance skills. With their new found internet presence Snatch-Back were excited to find that they had maintained cult status with world wide nwobhm fans. This is evident by their inclusion in Malc Macmillon's “NWOBHM Encyclopedia” and their listings on “” and “Encyclopedia Metallum Metal” Archives band drectories amongst others. Mid 2019 they recorded a their new LP “Ride Hard Run Free” in the UK. This LP is a tribute to the dreamers and adventurers,particularly the biker communities, Snatch-Back have encountered in their rock career. Snatch-Back sought out advice from record companies in the hope of gaining a wider audience for this recording. But again, they refused to compromise their standards with low risk, streaming release only contract offers. They believed it was essential to provide their international rock fans with a lasting, high quality gatefold vinyl LP and CD collectable offering as well as downloads. Snatch-Back are always open to discuss potential management and record deals but it was essential for them to unleash this magnificent album in January 2020. They personally commisioned Bart Gabriel and Rafal Kossakowski to mix and master this recording for vinyl and CD in Poland, the second home of rock. Italian rock artist Roberto Toderico, famous for his work on Quartz and Tyger of Pan Tang covers, was enlisted to capture the mood of the LP. The LP has gained fantastic reviews from many journalists including: John Tucker Online-more than able to kick some serious arse. Boasting a rounded, forceful sound. There’s much to admire and nothing to dislike here, and age certainly has not withered the quartet who attack each song with the raw enthusiasm and naïve tempestuousness of a bunch of teenagers, with Platt in particular employing the Ginger Baker technique of thrashing his kit to within an inch of its life. A true tribute for the musicians and fans, and indeed the NWOBHM itself.” TemplodoRock Radio, Portugal-It is with great honor and pride that I announce the entry to the playlist of our Templo do Rock Radio Show of the legendary Snatch Back, a band that released the first single Eastern Lady / Cryin 'to the Night in 1979! We are in 2020 and they have just presented us with this magnificent work of pure hard rock, with sublime guitars dictating the law. Indispensable for your record collection.

Brian Mear Mearfest-“Valve amps hum, and suddenly were off!!! Ride hard, Run free the opening track is a bikers anthem it's full of power,What follows is fantastic tracks of solid pure British Rock.This band may hark back to a different era but the sound on this release is fantastic. Crisp and clear as a bell. You hear every note from Ste Byatts guitar John's vocals are perfect along with the bass of Ian Wood and the thunderous Steve Platt this is wonderful. For lovers of the NWOBHM and Classic British Rock I really cannot fault this album. Bands with this amount of History and Quality are as rare as hens teeth. Magnificent!!! 10 out of 10 (Eleven if the dial allows)” Hard Rock Heavy Metal-HARD TIMES is one of our favs, a stunning tune with pressing drums and powerful solos, while GOT TROUBLE is able to raise the bar again. MOVIN’OUT grows second after second, again with Motörhead mood, before great ON THE RUN. The “so British” SHE’S DEAD ends in the best way this great platter! The album “Ride Hard Run Free” shows Snatch-Back have finally achieved their ambition to make a true statement of their unique sound. They have developed into a rock band with world wide appeal. In present day, Snatch-Back are still a vibrant live rock act. They have played several large events, including Mearfests North & South as well as self promoting gigs around the north west of England and are hungry for more. Band Line-Up: Ste Byatt-guitar/vocals John Cowley-vocals Steve Platt-drums Ian Wood-bass/vocals CD Track Listing: 1. Ride Hard Run Free 2. Killer 3. Rock in a Cold Climate 4. Hard Times 5. Got Trouble 6. Movin' Out 7. On the Run 8. She's Dead 9. Boogie Shoes 10.Star 11.First Refusal Social Media Links:


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