TORA TORA release unplugged version of "Phantom Rider"

This limited edition 5 song EP “Unplugged” features highlights from Tora Tora’s one-off acoustic performance recorded live at Memphis’ historic Lafayette’s Music Room in June of 2019. Blending well-known songs alongside a couple of deep cuts, this is a rare glimpse of the band’s more subdued side. It’s a must-have for Tora Tora fans and collectors of the obscure. Autographed vinyl copies will be limited to 50 & autographed CDs to! Available *Exclusively* via Rightrock Sportswear - order yours Friday, 4/24 before they are Tora history!! (All EP orders to ship Summer 2020)

TORA TORA – UNPLUGGED track listing: 1) Time and the Tide - 4:56 2) Lights Up the River - 5:39 3) The Candle and the Stone - 4:00 4) Son of a Prodigal Son - 4:23 5) Phantom Rider - 6:26

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