RIFF RAIDERS release new album "Rock n Roll Daydream"

Rock'n'Roll Daydream is the second album from Riff Raiders, featuring eleven tracks that successfully show off Marty Powell’s song-crafting, guitar and production talents. You'll find slow burns, dreamy pop and crunchy hard rock in this collection and all of them contain Marty's trademark hooks & riffs. This is an album for lovers of all points on the rock'n'roll star, with nods to power pop, punk rock, hard rock and more.

Following the February 2020 release of double-A side single 'Loaded Gun/Best Day Ever', Riff Raiders launched their second album 'Rock’n’Roll Daydream' late March. The third single, Samantha Jones, is a catchy rock true story about a fan that left a copy of the band's first album on a train, and the awesome woman that found it and got it back to him. The band released their first album 'Live Like You Mean It' in 2017 with the single of the same name receiving acclaim and airplay worldwide. The album was runner up in the album of the year category at the BRA Indie Awards 2018, voted by international judging panel . It was also number two in top albums of 2017 on Australian TV program 'The Hard Rock Show' and appeared in Overdrive Magazine's top one hundred heaviest albums for 2017. After releasing 'Live Like You Mean It', Riff Raiders toured extensively in Australia, playing more than fifty shows across the country including key support slots and festival appearances. The band’s live shows are an epic journey of rock with frisson-inducing guitar solos, fist-in-the-air anthem vibes, twin guitar harmonies and the unrestrained energy of frontwoman, Jenni Powell. Recording for 'Rock'n'Roll Daydream' began late 2018 and to give the songs the life they needed, the band introduced Ross Hetherington (ex Bodyjar, Dirt River Radio) on drums, Ron E. Smith on bass and added Josh King on more guitars and backing vocals mid 2019. Jenni, Marty, Ross, Ron and Josh gelled quickly by playing a run of very well received live shows and word spread quickly that Riff Raiders had kicked it up a level. They headed back into the studio to finish the album, filmed three music videos, headlined a new rock festival and embarked on the Rock'n'Roll Daydream tour by February 2020. The tour was cut short by COVID-19, the outbreak and consequential lockdowns happening just as the album was released. Riff Raiders plan to get back on the road when it's safe to do so, but are happy to have new music and videos for fans to enjoy in the meantime. Band Line-Up: Jenni Powell – lead vocals Marty Powell – lead guitar, vocals 'Stepping On A Cloud' Ross Hetherington (Bodyjar, Dirt River Radio) – Drums Josh King - additional guitars, backing vocals Ron E. Smith - Bass CD Track Listing: 1. Loaded Gun 2. Stop Looking At Me 3. Samantha Jones 4. No Words 5. Best Day Ever 6. Light 7. When I’m Dreaming 8. Stepping On A Cloud 9. Standing On My Own 10. Sunset to Sunrise 11. Shade Social Media Links: https://www.riffraiders.com/ https://www.facebook.com/theriffraiders


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