MAELSTROM Release Lyric Video for Single "Army From Ash"

Epic-driven genre bending metal outfit MaelstroM have premiered a new song from their upcoming studio album. Fans can check out the track, titled "Army From Ash" below.

The New York-based group will independently release their debut album 'Of Gods And Men' on May 22nd 2020. After beginning the journey 32 years ago, this effort is a tribute to tenacity and the idea of never giving up on your dreams.

"The end result is one of the most event-filled, headphone-heaven heavy metal albums ever made, conceptual in the extreme from the artwork, down through the lyrics, through the soundtrack appointments and into a genre space wholly of the band’s own making.

-Martin Popoff

Pre-order "Of Gods And Men" HERE

The story behind MaelstroM and their upcoming debut full-length is parts both uncommon and unbelievable. Forged in the late 80's from a friendship between lead vocalist Gary Vosganian and guitarist Joey Lodes, the band emerged from the Long Island scene and quickly began to gain notoriety on the national level. However, despite a pair of highly acclaimed early demos to their credit, MaelstroM would enter an indefinite hiatus in the 90's as the music industry further turned its attention away from the heavy metal renaissance of the 80's to the Seattle grunge movement.

Now, more than three decades later, MaelstroM have emerged from their untimely end; ready to unveil their debut LP, 'Of Gods And Men,' while leaving no stone unturned on the 69 minute, three-act epic. A journey that began some 32 years ago in a humble basement finally reaches its much needed culmination.

'Of Gods And Men' Tracklisting:

Part I – An Arisen Avatar:

1. “Arise (A Waltz Toward War)” (6:18);

2. “Army From Ash” (5:24);

3. “The Mirror Calls (8:32);

4. “A Futile Crusade” (8:40);

5. “Lament of the Fallen” (6:18)

Part II – Of Sacrifice, Saviours and Sanctity:

6. “Th13teen Within a Circle” (5:47)

7. “Thief of Light” (4:59);

8. “An Ancient Art” (6:46)

Part III – A Predestined Prophecy:

9. “Predestined” (5:05);

10. “SonRise (A Lullaby to the Gods)” (12:36)

About MaelstroM

Formed in the ferocious firestorm of the eighties thrash movement, MaelstroM began its

storm surge by quickly dominating their local scene of Long Island, New York. Within a

few years they expanded beyond regional borders and began to gain worldwide

notoriety. Unfortunately, like many bands of that era, MaelstroM fell victim to the

changing scene as harder metal gave way to Seattle grunge and the landscape of

heavy music shifted.

Not satisfied with the way things ended with MaelstroM’s legacy, vocalist and lyricist

Gary Vosganian and main song writer and guitarist Joey Lodes set out to finish the

vision they had left incomplete all those years ago. Finally, after multiple fits and

starts, hurdles and heartaches, the pair has realized their dream with the worldwide

release of their debut album 'Of Gods And Men'. A journey that began, humbly, as a few

kids in a basement, some 32 years ago.

'Of Gods and Men' is rooted in the sounds and themes of MaelstroM’s eponymous 1989

debut demo and 1991’s acclaimed, This Battle to Make History, Yet History Never

Comes. It represents a further step in the band’s evolution beyond their superlative

2008 EP It Was Predestined, which charted CMJ Top 20 as an independent and was

recognized on Terrorizer Magazine’s coveted annual ranking of “best unsigned bands”.

'Of Gods And Men' delivers a 69 minute album of such complexity and decades-intense

planning, that it can hardly be considered simply a collective of ten songs.

“There was always a very cinematic pageantry to what we were looking to do,”

continues Gary. “The idea was to create a cinematic vision, more than simply individual

songs. It is meant to be a whole piece, conceptual in all aspects and truly an album,

which we consider to be ‘an abandoned art’ these days”.


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