U.D.O. and the Musikkorps der Bundeswehr/Concert Band of the German Armed Forces to release “We Are

What a surprise! We are thrilled and excited to announce the new U.D.O. and the Musikkorps der Bundeswehr/Concert Band of the German Armed Forces album “We Are One”!!!

Wuppertal/Siegburg – This upcoming summer will hold a musical surprise: Metal legend U.D.O. will publish an album in collaboration with the official Concert Band of the German Armed Forces (Musikkorps der Bundeswehr). The album is entitled `We Are One‘ and will be released on July 17th.

German Rock band U.D.O, including icon Udo Dirkschneider (the original voice of Accept with worldwide hits such as `Balls To The Wall‘, `Metal Heart‘ etc) presents, together with the renowned Concert Band of the German Armed Forces under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Christoph Scheibling, a unique worldwide musical project.

The album contains 15 new songs that will be released through AFM Records /Soulfood Music. All songs have been developed and arranged by U.D.O. together with Christoph Scheibling. The two former Accept musicians Accept-Mitstreiter Stefan Kaufmann and Peter Baltes have been part of the songwriting too – as well as the German Armed Forces´ composers Guido Rennert and Alexander Reuber. The title of the album `We Are One‘ has been the driving force for everyone involved.

Whatever anyone might think about the `rock band meets orchestra‘ collaborations that already exist in the music world, this is far from what `We Are One‘ really is. This is one of the most elaborate concept albums the market has ever seen, the hard rocking sound of U.D.O. has not only been intensified by a 60 piece orchestra, but contains some unique arrangements that underline how characteristic yet versatile U.D.O. is.

This project surprises the listener in every aspect, and is a project with a clear statement: ‘We Are One‘ is a critical reflection of a world in which we all leave our mark, and in which we all have to show responsibility.

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Tracklist: 01 - Pandemonium | 02 - We Are One | 03 - Love And Sin | 04 - Future Is The Reason Why | 05 - Children Of The World | 06 - Blindfold (The Last Defender) | 07 - Blackout | 08 - Mother Earth | 09 - Rebel Town | 10 - Natural Forces | 11 - Neon Diamond | 12 - Beyond Gravity | 13 - Here We Go Again | 14 - We Strike Back | 15 - Beyond Good And Evil |

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