BONEDRYVER release their debut album "Ain’t Too Pretty, Ain’t Too Proud"

"Ain’t Too Pretty, Ain’t Too Proud" is the debut album from BoneDryver, a Western North Carolina based quartet who, for years, cut their collective chops in various projects across the state, playing every dive, juke joint and biker bar in the south east of the U.S., honing their skills for the inevitable day when their paths would cross and a vision was born. Formed in January of twenty seventeen, BoneDryver has had a singular purpose since day one; to bringing authenticity back to music. You won’t find tales of dragons and kings, anarchy in the U.K., or how traumatic their childhoods were. What you will find are songs of working hard, playing hard. Stories of moonshine and fast cars, songs of standing up for oneself, of being down but never out. Sometimes coming across playful, as maybe Van Halen did in their glory days, and sometimes deadly serious and ready to fight for any and everything they can get. This is an album most anyone who works, pays their bills, and then maybe kicks back and downs a few pints with the boys on a Friday night after work, could identify with. A strong aura of seventies hard rock with a healthy splash of eighties flair! “Ain’t Too Pretty, Ain’t Too Proud” is available on a physical CD, You Tube and all your favorite streaming services. The earliest version of the band, known loosely back then as Albatross Lost, formed in late twenty sixteen, with guitarist Jimmy Penland, drummer Jeff Price and bassist Kevin Freeman, longtime friends who shared the stage together in various outfits over the years, slugging it out on the local North and South Carolina club circuit, with both Freeman and Price sharing vocal duties. Penland had known vocalist Mark Michaels for years, and when the guys decided they needed a frontman, Penland called on Michaels to see if he might be interested in the project. Michaels had just left the band he was fronting for five years, with two albums under his belt with that band, but came out to rehearsal to see how things felt. Within three weeks, the band became a tightly knit unit, as Michaels came up with the name BoneDryver, which was a hybrid of two other monikers he had thought of; Screwdriver and Whiskey Bones. Adding the “y” for potential copywrite reasons, BoneDryver was born and a mission was underway. Quickly forging a bond, and a strong batch of over one hundred cover songs, the band tackled the southeast club scene while crafting a batch of southern-fried, riff-infused originals. Unlike many of their peers on the local club circuit, BoneDryver had bigger aspirations, so teaming up with longtime friend and engineer John Little, laid ten of those greasy slabs of hard rock beef down for their debut “Ain’t Too Pretty, Ain’t Too Proud,” an effort that blends the downhome, southern vibe of Jackyl, Molly Hatchet and Blackfoot with the riff-fueled madness of AC/DC and Ted Nugent, with a nod to the hair rock-era they grew up in, splashed throughout the album. BoneDryver has begun to draw some international interest with their universal themes of working hard, playing hard and never giving up no matter the obstacles in the way. This band of wild-eyed southern boys intend to take the place by storm, so keep an eye and ear out for upcoming shows, and get ready to take a ride with the boys in BoneDryver as they bring you inside their world of everyman anthems and the good ole days when rock was real and the amps were loud.

Band Line-Up:

Mark Michaels- lead vocals Jimmy Penland- guitar, backing vocals Kevin Freeman- bass, backing vocals Jeff Price- drums, backing vocals

CD Track Listing: Rollin’ Stoned Dr. Moonshine God Bless America White Trash No Man’s Land Hellride Blue Eyes Good Day To Die Gunslinger Poorhouse (Riches To Rags)

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