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WildFest 2020 cancelled/postponed

Dear folks......

The message we wanted to avoid, but we can no longer deny, is unfortunately here.

WildFest has always been a festival among friends and family. Friends that came from all over the world to Belgium to have a great time meeting with family and friends, while celebrating music by some of the best international talented Sleaze, Glam and Hard Rock bands. Each year we were amazed on how the festival grew and how many people were looking forward to the festival. We were really looking forward to this year’s edition! This would have been the biggest edition yet, believe us.

We first and foremost want to thank the countless fans and visitors we’ve had over the years, the sponsors that help us to put the festival together and the volunteers without whom we couldn’t make this possible. In order to protect these people we have no other option than to postpone or cancel WildFest 2020. As an organization we only want the best for you and that’s the reason we are obliged to take this decision. We only have the best in mind for everyone and as an organization we have a responsibility towards our rock and roll family and friends.

We are currently checking with several bands if it’s possible to postpone Wildfest 2020 to a later date this year. If this turns out to be no option, we will definitely cancel this years’ edition and start working on the 2021 edition. This will hopefully entitle us to come back even stronger!

Wildfest has always been funded with private money of the organizers. And despite already having spent a lot of money for the 2020 edition, we will honor all refunds requested by the fans. Detailed information about refunds or other options will be communicated in the coming weeks.

Thank you for the support and keep on rockin’

We hope to see you soon! #wf2020 #covid19

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