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ROYAL HUNT release entire catalogue on DIGITAL DOWNLOAD and STREAMING services

April 17, 2020

While ROYAL HUNT have isolated themselves in a studio working on the new CONCEPT album - their ENTIRE CATALOGUE has been released on digital download and streaming services like iTunes, Spotify, Amazon music, etc.


More information and direct links can be found at


ROYAL HUNT is in a process of recording a new concept album, scheduled for release in 2020 (Japan / SE Asia - KING Records, rest of the world - TBA). As usual, most of the production activities were moved into NorthPoint Studio while mix/mastering facilities will be appointed later. The band hints monumental conceptual offering, which supposed to expand their familiar yet constantly evolving soundscape into previously uncharted territories. With their 15th studio release, ROYAL HUNT’s dead-set to deliver a masterpiece, which should once again rise the bar for modern progressive hard rock genre.

André Andersen: “The next Royal Hunt album is in the works and – while most of it is still in a state of a “sort-of-controlled- chaos” - I´d say it´s probably our biggest production to date… the amount of tracks is simply staggering. Yes, it´s a concept album and yes, there´re some special guests on it and yes – already on this demo stage – this thing sounds huge (even by our standards). So fear not: we´re still around and we´re rocking just as hard - if not harder – as we usually do.”



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