'High Road Easy' the self-titled fourth album from the German rockers out now

'High Road Easy' is the self-titled fourth album from the German rockers. Honing their skills as songwriters, performers and arrangers over the past 10 years, this is the best release to date. Add to that a superb production and one of the best voices that ever graced this genre: This is how classic rock should sound in the 21st century! Founded in 2008, HIGH ROAD EASY is a German hard rock band with 4 full album releases. The band consists of singer Jan Knopf and main song writer / producer Sven Horlemann (guitar / bass / keys). From the beginning they worked with Swedish drummer Magnus Brandell, a former pupil of Mike Mangini (Dream Theater). The debut album ‚Hotter Than A Thousand Suns‘ was released 2009 worldwide via CD Baby and garnered great responses. Even legendary producer Beau Hill (Ratt, Warrant, Europe …) contacted the band personally and commented: ‚I'm listening to your music right now... I like what you're doing... Great material, and I dig Jan's vocal approach , very stylistic… I really like DONT WAIT FOR ME... killer arrangement.‘ 15 busy months later HIGH ROAD EASY delivered their second album ‚drive‘. In some places ‚drive‘ rocks harder, but manages to be more melodic than the debut. 2015 finally saw the release of the aptly titled third album "III". Again the bar was raised. Another highlight being Germany's leading guitar magazine Gitarrre & Bass praising songs and production. Busying themselves with other projects (Jan sings in several cover rock bands, Sven releasing several solo records) they met in 2019 to listen to leftovers from previous recording sessions. And were impressed. Fast forward 9 months, with additional songs written and old recordings partly re-recorded High Road Easy were able to accumulate an album full of great rockers. “That's why we decided to name the album after the band" states Sven, "as it feels like the culmination of everything this band has to offer. We found our sound and who we are.”

Band Line-Up: Jan Knopf - Vocals Sven Horlemann - Guitars, bass, keyboards Guests: Magnus Brandell - Drums Brooks Wackerman - Drums Matt Billingslea - Drums CD Track Listing: 1. Lights 2. Sixes & Sevens 3. No Regrets 4. All My Love Is Lost 5. High Road Easy 6. Carry The Flame 7. Calling All Stations 8. Make My Day 9. Bad Luck 10. Hearts On Fire 11. Set Me Free 12. Best Of My Belief 13. You Can Be Mine 14. Reckless Man (Demo) Social Media Links: http://www.facebook.com/highroadeasy


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