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Five Ways To Nowhere unleash "Bite Hard"

Hi-Fueled Rock N Roll, aggressive and groovy riffs, a scratchy voice with catchy melodies all driven by a lethal rhythm section Five Ways To Nowhere is an Hard Rock band born in 2015 when Charlotte Esse and Dario Orlando, which played together for years before, asked Matteo “Teo” Lassandro to join them in a new project. Right after, they started looking for a drummer and they chose Fabio Brunetti which played with Dario during 2013 on a Spanish long tour. There was still a vacant place for sure, but they were lucky: one night, when they went to see a local band, the bassist Silvia Casetta took their attention, so they asked her to join the band. With this line-up Five Ways To Nowhere recorded 4 songs which will be released, as 2 double-singles, later. In late 2016, due to serious health issues, Silvia unfortunately had to quit, so the band, in a pretty short time, had to find a replacement. After some auditions, they chose Davide “Davy” Rocco, a granite hard bassist with a long live and studio experience.

In 2017 the band signed their first record deal with the German label FemMeropa which released, digitally worldwide in March, the first double-single “Obsessed / Wildstyle” that obtained a lot of good feedbacks both from reviewers and public. In the meantime, Five Ways To Nowhere played a lot of shows all over Europe: an highlight surely is their performance at Master of Rock Festival in Czech Republic. In 2018 the band signed a new record deal with the German label Soe records for the release of another double-single which included “Vodka Queen” and the cover of the 80’s super hit “Bette Davis Eyes”. Even this time, their music obtained very good reviews and a really positive personal note from Bill Cuomo, producer of the Kim Carnes 1981 version of “Bette Davis Eyes”. Five Ways To Nowhere spent the following 2 years playing a lot of live shows and writing new stuff. In 2019 they entered the studio to record their first full length working with the Italian producer Mark Raptor. Once the album was done, they had to split ways with the former guitarist Dario Orlando, but before his departure, the band had the possibility to open for David Ellefson from Megadeth. And that’s where Joey Tassello officially joined the band after have replaced Dario Orlando for a couple of shows before. With this new line-up Five Ways To Nowhere kept on playing many shows around Europe, including an opening for the Swedish rock band Thundermother for the only Italian show of their European tour. 2020 started with the release of their first album “Bite Hard”, published by Soe Records, which will be followed by an extensive tour all over Europe.

Band Line-Up: Charlotte Esse - Lead vocals Matteo “Teo” Lassandro - Rhythm guitar and backing vocals Joey Tassello - Lead guitar Davide “Davy” Rocco - Bass and backing vocals Fabio Brunetti - Drums and backing vocals Guests: Dario Orlando (Five Ways To Nowhere from 2015 to 2019) - Lead guitar Alessandro “Blaze” Palma (Downtown’s Bad Company) - Backing vocals CD Track Listing: 1. Love To Hate 2. Slowmotional 3. Over The Line 4. Obsessed 5. Mr. Grey 6. Twisted 7. Vodka Queen 8. Roll the Dice 9. Bette Davis Eyes 10. Wildstyle Social Media Links:

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