Michael Abdow to release "Heart Signal" April 24th

Heart Signal is the fourth studio album from American guitarist/composer Michael Abdow. His latest effort is comprised of eight new pieces, spanning 44 minutes and featuring fretless bassist Tony Franklin (The Firm/Blue Murder/Whitesnake) and drummer Shawn Deneault (Santa Mamba).

Best known for his work with Fates Warning and Ray Alder, Michael had this to say about his most recent offering: "Heart Signal, as the title might suggest, aims to create a moment in each song that grips the listener and invokes an emotional response. It's my deepest dive yet into these elements and represents everything I want to hear in an instrumental progressive album. I was lucky enough to have Tony on this group of songs as his voice on the bass is so unique and one of my favorites. Shawn has also been key in making this album what it is. This one feels like it's up and running where my previous album E.S.O. left off." Heart Signal is released worldwide on April 24th via Couch Cat Records and is now available for pre-order. Visit www.michaelabdow.com for CD pre-orders and digital downloads direct from the artist. BIO: Michael Abdow is an American guitarist best known for his work with Ray Alder and Fates Warning. His playing and music are a melting pot of traditional and modern progressive elements; placing emphasis on melodic songwriting with a virtuosic intensity. Having spent over a decade gigging heavily in the Northeast club scene, as well as touring internationally, he arrives well-versed in jazz, all forms of rock and metal, and is recognized for his soulful character and technical ability. Appearing on over a dozen recordings, he has played the role of sideman, studio musician, collaborator, and band leader.

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