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Halfway Joe releases their latest album "Hooligan Life"

Halfway Joe was founded in a small town called Viitasaari in 2013. Sakari Rossi, Tuukka Tenhunen, Jami Honkala ja Juho Mönttinen had played metal in several projects until they decided to head into a little bit lighter music together. This was the foundation point of Halfway Joe and soon stories of this cardboard boxed man was invented. The band found themselves in situation without a singer so they putted an assigment to finnish musician site. After few months HP Hannula contacted and the band was born again in January 2014. There was a handfull songs ready to be recoded and studio sessions was on the way. First ep called "Better?" was released in spring 2014. Obviously it was time to do some gigs, but Juho went to the army and Aki Sääkjärvi took his place. New songs kept coming up in a very good pace and eyes was on the next ep. "Wannna Know How?" -ep was released in May 2016. Aki moved far because of his studies and Juho returned into the band in fall 2016. After dousins of gigs through the years we really wanted made an album. First meeting around this idea was at the end of 2017. Pre-production took a year and we were ready to press rec in autumn 2018. After a long recording sessions Juho and Sakari parted ways with the band in the beginning of the year 2019. At the same time our location moved to the nearest city to Jyväskylä. The three of us who were left took a little break from album making and after a while thought that we have to get this piece out. Finally Jami started his mixing work to finalize the album in summer. Slowly we started to looking for new memebers and luckily just before album release we ended up with new line-up: Aki is back in business with bass again and Heikki Isoniemi on second guitar.

Band Line-Up: HP Hannula -Vocals Jami Honkala - Guitars Heikki Isoniemi - Guitars Aki Sääksjärvi - Bass Tuukka Tenhunen - Drums Former members on the album: Sakari Rossi - Guitars Juho Mönttinen - Bass CD Track Listing: 1. You Got No One 2. Drugsubmarine 3. Right On The Money 4. Hooligan Life 5. Cause 6. Glass Woman 7. Homeless 8. Three Beer Betty 9. Deficient 10. Away From Home 11. Leave It All It Behind Social Media Links:

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