BLACK PHANTOM unleash second album "Zero Hour Is Now"

The 2nd album from the Italian paladins of Traditional Heavy Metal. Fans have said that Black Phantom sound more Maiden than Maiden themselves: The band takes it as a huge compliment, even if this definition is somehow reductive of the freshness and sheer energy of their music proposal.

Formed by musicians with a 30years experience on the scene, with "Zero Hour Is Now" Back Phantom give to Heavy Metal fans exactly what they want to hear: catchy duel guitar riffs, high-pitched and melodic vocals, galloping bass licks and powerful drumming, all together with fresh and compelling songwriting. A must-have album for all Traditional Heavy Metal lovers! BIO:

Black Phantom started as a solo project of Andrea Tito, bass player and main author/composer of the Italian band Mesmerize, one of the most respected Heavy Metal bands on the Italian scene for more than 30 years. With Mesmerize on hiatus, after the release of their latest album "Paintropy" and the following tour, in 2014 Andrea Tito decided to take advantage of this free time to start a brand new band, Black Phantom, in order to finally release a bunch of good old classic Heavy Metal songs which have been staying in his closet for almost a decade, ready to be finished and see proper life. With the help of long-time friends and bandmates Andrea Garavaglia (drums) and Luca Belbruno (guitar), plus guitar player Roberto Manfrinato and singer-extraordinaire Manuel Malini (both from the cover-band Eruption), a total of 10 tracks + 1 obscure Iron Maiden cover song have been recorded and included in the debut album "Better Beware!", released in May 2017 by the label Punishment 18 Records. After two years of live concerts and festivals promoting the album and one line-up change (Ivan Carsenzuola replaced Andrea Garavaglia on drums), Black Phantom have written and recorded a brand new album called "Zero Hour Is Now", 9 songs of pure Traditional Heavy Metal, released on March 20th, 2020 again by the label Punishment 18 Records, confirming themselves as one of the most convincing bands of the so-called NWOTHM, New Wave Of Traditional Heavy Metal. As their self-titled song says: Beware the Black Phantom!

Band Line-Up: Manuel Malini - Vocals Luca Belbruno - Guitar Roberto Manfrinato - Guitar Andrea Tito - Bass Ivan Carsenzuola - Drums CD Track Listing: 1. Redemption 2. Hordes Of Destruction 3. Schattenjäger 4. The Road 5. Aboard The Rattling Ark 6. Either You Or Me 7. Begone! 8. Hands Of Time 9. Schattenjäger (Deutsch) Social Media Links:


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