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TOKYO BLADE set to release 10th studio album "Dark Revolution"

Tokyo Blade are set to release their tenth studio album "Dark Revolution". The band posted the following on their social media pages:

Hi to all our fans and we hope y'all keeping safe in these weird times we're all going through. In an effort to keep y'all from boredom and to keep your neighbours awake until the small hours, we've released a new album. Jam packed with noisy metal it's possibly our hardest album to date and we took no prisoners on this one my dear friends. So click the link below and it's available on pre order, available on 15/05/2020. Beat the pack and get your order in asap.

P.S. play at extreme volume.

PHD Megastore order link: Tokyo Blade:

The classic Tokyo Blade song : Midnight Rendezvous

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