Texan rockers Slaves Wage unleash "Heaven or Hell"

Thick guitars, searing solos and clean melodic vocals pushed by driving drum and bass lines bring home the life-giving, heart-healing, hope-inspiring message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ set to the heavy sounds of the heavy metal genre! Bio:

What is now Slaves Wage began with Jeff Saenz in 1996 as the group Monastic Extroverts and later Soul Slave in Temple, Texas, USA with its key members being guitarist / vocalist Jeff Saenz, drummer Eric Aguillon and bassist Clint McCoy. Through those years in Temple, Texas, from 1996 - 2000, many musicians were a part and came and went. Jeff made the move to the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex in 2000 settling in Arlington, Texas, in the hopes of finding a more like-hearted, like-minded group of musicians with which to make music and stumbled first across guitarist James Johnson, who continues to be a part 20 years later to date. Jeff and James became a temporary part of the Christian rock band Deacon Chuck and later, in 2003, worked with Trevor Laing for a brief period of time supplying guitars in one of his industrial metal projects titled Laing. Dubbing his dual guitar attack Slaves Wage, Laing's project came to a grinding halt in 2004, at which time James and Jeff decided to do something on their own. 2006 saw a four song, self-titled EP release by Slaves Wage with James on lead guitars, Jeff on bass, midi drums, rhythm guitars and vocals and a few other musicians contributing on midi drums as well. 2010 introduced their six song EP titled Faith Says with the same approach to recording this CD as was used on the first. With the completion of this CD, enough material was now on hand to begin rounding out the bands lineup with bassist Tony Fernandez and drummer Pedro Cortes joining the mix after a series of musicians entered and exited the group. Playing anywhere they could get an invitation, from churches and small Christian festivals to bars, clubs, civic events and secular festivals, Slaves Wage began to work out their music in a live performance setting. In 2015, Slaves Wage went into Savior Sound Studios in Arlington, Texas with engineer Steve Gautier to produce and release their ten song offering, Wisdom's Call. With this lineup and sixteen original songs now in their repertoire, Slaves Wage continued to play anywhere they could get a hearing, sharing their brand of metal and their message of faith in Jesus Christ with all who would listen. 2020 has brought a new bassist onto the scene in Xavier Sierra, a new eleven song CD titled Heaven Or Hell (recorded at the well known recording facility of Nomad Studios in Dallas, Texas with engineers Russell Hollar and Gary Long), a partnership with Sancrosanct Records out of Michigan, USA and a host of musical opportunities looming on the horizon. Through all this, their mission remains the same: to share the gospel of Jesus Christ and the truth of Sacred Scripture through the vehicle of heavy metal music with anyone who will listen in the hopes that people will find answers to their questions, solutions to their problems, peace for a troubled mind and, especially, a relationship wit the God who so loved the them that He gave His only born Son, Jesus Christ, so that we might know what life was really intended to be (JOHN 3:16 ; JOHN 10:10).

Line Up: Xavier Sierra - bass Pedro Cortes - drums James Johnson - lead guitar Jeff Saenz - rhythm guitar , vocals Track Listing: 1. The Eternal Triumvirate, PT.1 2. Push 3. Heaven Or Hell 4. I Feel You 5. Cry Out 6. The Eternal Triumvirate, PT.2 7. Doom 8. Soul Slave 9. All Alone 10. The Stone 11. The Eternal Triumvirate, PT.3 Social Media Links: www.slaveswage.net www.youtube.com/slaveswage


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