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KINGS OF DUST feat. former Badlands bassist Greg Chaisson release lyric video "Ya, That’s Me&q

KINGS OF DUST featuring former Badlands bassist Greg Chaisson have released a lyric video for the track “Ya, That’s Me,” which can be seen below.

“The song discusses being stuck with who you are. Good or bad,” says singer Michael Thomas Beck. “This was one of the tracks that the rhythm section recorded in one take. There are several of those on the record. But this one Greg and Jimi just locked into something. It’s got a pretty interesting bass line to begin with. I’m not sure he would ever play it the same way twice. But we seemed to catch a swing on that take that really made the song groove in the way it needed to.

KINGS OF DUST’s self titled debut as produced by the band’s bassist, Greg Chaisson and engineered and mixed by frontman Beck at SoundVision Studios in Mesa, AZ. It is stores now through Shock Records / Vanity Music Group.


Michael Thomas Beck – Lead vocals Ryan McKay – Guitars Greg Chaisson – Bass Jimi Taft – Drums, percussion

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