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Aldo Nova Streams "Go On" from the Rock Opera The Life and Times of Eddie Gage

In these difficult and trying times that we as a world are facing today with this disease which touches us all (COVID-19) I've decided to put up a new song taken from my Rock Opera "The Life and Times of Eddie Gage" because in my Opera, the main character, Eddie, goes through some pretty dark and difficult times himself but an inner voice tells him to Go On even when times are rough because "Everything's gonna be alright," in the end as he says. Let this song help you to make it through these hard times and keep forging ahead and never give up because as the saying goes, "Light always wins over Darkness" and we as human beings shine brightest of all.

Have Faith and Peace be with you.

Aldo Nova 23-03-2020

(Words and Music-AldoNova) Drums- Lee Levin Rhythm Guitar and Bass-Dan Warner (1970-2019) "The greatest." All other Instruments and Vocals-Aldo Nova

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