Laci Violett Release Debut Self Titled Album

Do you ever look back on the days when Rock N’ Roll ruled the world? For the first time in decades, you have a band that captures it all. Laci Violett is the answer to today’s musical deprivation: pure Rock N’ Roll in its classic form, unlike any other band that the world has produced in a long time. While contemporary bands often stray away from the roots of Rock N’ Roll, Laci Violett brings the loud music, loud volume, and hairspray back into the picture. They strive to restore the elements that gave Rock N’ Roll its decadent reputation and long-lasting influence amongst its fans. Laci Violett welcomes all of these people into a world-wide movement of raw, hard-edged Rock N’ Roll.


For better or worse, history repeats itself over time. In some instances, the greatest discoveries of mankind return to create monumental moments throughout the course of history. Unfortunately for Rock N’ Roll, this long awaited recurrence has yet to happen…until now. Laci Violett is a band that aims to pick up on where the 80’s Glam Metal scene left off before practically dissipating from existence. They are one of the few brave acts of its kind to emerge from the San Francisco Bay Area (or anywhere in the world for that matter). Following the footsteps of 80’s Bay Area bands such as Vain, Babylon A.D., Sexcess, and Cry Wolf, the band seeks to introduce the L.A. Sunset Strip scene up north where it was never given a chance to fully take off and carry it around anywhere they set foot. Although constantly pressured to alter their musical style to meet today’s standards, they prefer to stay true to the classic sound of Rock N’ Roll. Laci Violett began when Lizzy Lace and Eddie Bane met in 2017. Living in a musically deprived society, they set out to take this era and make it their own. Their vision is a rarity in today’s society and considering that the two of them had such a distinct and definitive musical taste, it truly is a miracle that their meeting came about. Within only a couple of jam sessions, they came up with enough quality material for their debut album. All that was left was to give this project a name: Laci Violett. The quest to record their debut album was a long but rewarding journey. After nearly a year of going in and out of the studio, the band finally produced an album worthy of recognition. Lizzy Lace and Eddie Bane put exceptional effort into their craft, striving to become the cult heroes of the millennium. After several months of searching for a worthy candidate to play drums on the record, Eyan Stran from the local Hard Rock band Yes Devil was selected for the task. With the outstanding work of Bay Area engineers Adam Sullivan and Zack Ohren, the production of the Laci Violett self-titled debut album provides excellent sound quality without compromising the raw elements of the music. In the end, this gallant effort leaves us with a document that is meant to steer the world back in the right direction: the path to Rock N’ Roll. Band Line-Up: Lizzy Lace - Vocals/Bass Eddie Bane - Guitars Guests: Eyan Stran (Yes Devil) - Drums CD Track Listing: 1. Hairspray Running Low 2. Snakebite 3. S.E.X. Life 4. Make The Volume Loud 5. I Don’t Go To School 6. Ring The Bell 7. USA Mania 8. Left For Dead 9. Outro Social Media Links:


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