HURRICANE Guitarist Robert Sarzo talks new material and more

Hurricane guitarist Robert Sarzo talks new music and more with 80's glam metalcast.

On the new Hurricane material

It’s ballsy, it’s edgy. I love playing that metal tone. Tony is still with me so we have that edge that we had back then. It’s melodic, Hurricane has always been melodic. I like to write music for Hurricane that strippers can still swing around the pole’s gotta have that swing!

On the “Over The Edge” Album

I like that record, but I think we lost a little of the edge. I would have liked a more aggressive mix. It has great songs. I get the direction that Bob Ezrin was looking for and it was great working with him. We had a lot of Cuban coffee. We became friends. He’s a great guy, very creative. One song that I wanted to get released as a single was “Give Me An Inch”. I love that song. If we would have released it, it would have been huge. The melodies, the’s so catchy.

About his exit from the band

Things started going in different directions. Changes started happening within the group. It came from all directions-the record company, management. We didn’t have any breaks and everybody’s cooped up in the same space together. It just wasn’t fun anymore for certain people. I moved on with my own solo deal through the same record company.

His thoughts on the “Slave To The Thrill” album

I think I listened to it once or twice. I felt they changed the sound and it didn’t sound like Hurricane anymore. I haven’t heard it in decades. So if you ask me today what it sounds like, I don’t know..

On if he was surprised when Kelly Hansen got the Foreigner gig

No. When I first heard him in the clubs, I think he was performing Foreigner songs. He has a great voice, still sings well. Not surprised at all...he does a great job for the band

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