Blended Brew to release sophomore album "Shove It Down" in May

When you're a brand new, young band trying to swim in today's music industry tide, you have two ways to succeed. One is having a musical proposition that clearly stands out from the other bands out there. Another one is tour like there's no tomorrow and bring your word to the people, one by one, city by city, hall by hall. It turns out, Danish rock'n'roll fanatics BLENDED BREW have it both ways. Now announcing their sophomore album, "Shove It Down", for May 1st, the Copenhagen quartet is on the road, spreading their 70's-inspired spirituality and rock'n'roll, basically since their inception in the early 10's. Their live journal includes a six-month journey in the US between 2011 and 2012, where they played like hell, small clubs and big cities, and suddenly found themselves in Nashville, with producer Rave Roe (Johnny Cash) and technician Andrija Tokic (Alabama Snakes).

Come 2013, the Blended Brew rock'n'roll gospel was brought to China with a headliner tour of 14 dates in nine different cities, TV interviews, radio spots and 15.000 excited Chinese fans drawn along to the cause. "I remember touring China was the place where Blended Brew got shaped into this bad ass Rock band we are today", keyboardist Lord Sebastian states. In 2015, the band's debut album "Hand Patrones", partially recorded in Abbey Road Studios with engineer Sean Magee (The Beatles, Pink Floyd, U2) was finally released and confirmed that Blended Brew had the heart and soul of rock'n'roll. Shortly after, 2016 "Laughing At Your Feet" EP confirmed the creative fire of the Nordic folks. Never a band to stay off the road for too long, another strict diet of tours, including an European trek with legend Marco Mendoza in 2018, followed. ...Which brings us to "Shove It Down".

"I feel, that we have created a really great rock album and made a sound that I don’t hear from other Danish rock bands!" states Lord Sebastian. And the keyboardist knows what he's talking about, having a big part in Blended Brew sound, with his piano, organ and blues harp parts giving body and soul to this Rival Sons, Tyler Bryant and The Shakedown inspired collection of new songs. Reinforced with a fourth new member - bassist Lasse H. Mortensen - and with a new partnership with Mighty Music, Blended Brew go beyond the trivial rock'n'roll proposition, with an album that speaks volumes to people who want to hear catchy rock tunes where they can feel the energy from the band playing it live in the studio. But then again, from a band that was basically forged on the road, what were you expecting? "Shove It Down" will be released on May 1st by Mighty Music and will be available in CD, vinyl and digital formats. Blended Brew support Marco Mendoza in three dates in Denmark in May. More touring dates will be announced soon.

Tracklist: 01. Ancient Alien 02. Stay In The Shadow 03. Woman In Need You 04. Electrified Loser 05. Give Me Your Love (Rival Cunt) 06. Shove It Down 07. If The Streets 08. Run And Hide 09. Renegade 10. Don't Say No Line-Up: Jimmy Månsson - vocals & guitar Lord Sebastian Groset - piano, organ & blues harp Christoffer Beck - drums Lasse H. Mortensen - bass Web:

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