Dangerous Project release new album "Cosmic Vision"

Dangerous Project is a Heavy Metal / Hard Rock band with influence of Classical Music. At the end of 2015 Eddy Geott and Oscar Martin decide to revive an old project, for this they summon friendly musicians, similar to their musical tastes to develop the essence that the band was looking for; It is in this way that Dangerous Project is born.


Year 2005, Lima - Peru. Oscar J. Martin and Eddy Geott met when they joined YAWARHIEM, Power Folk & Symphonic Metal band, both shared a taste for Melodic Hard Rock and Neoclassical Heavy Metal and spent long hours listening to Europe, Scorpions, Rainbow, Journey, Alcatrazz, Yngwie Malmsteen, Dokken, Ratt ... In those years Oscar J. Martin directed a rehearsal hall and also a recording studio where various bands from Lima scene concurred, it was precisely there that he met Jose Gaona, possessor of a great talent and a wide vocal range, the connection was immediate, and together with Eddy Geott they recorded a Demo entitled "Love me tonight" under the name of "Dangerous". However, despite the musical conexion they had, their personal projects separated them for a long time ... Oscar J. Martin lived outside Peru for a few years and achieved great recognition as a guitarist and composer for his work in bands such as ICARUS and ASTRAL FIRE, today he is recognized as one of the most virtuous guitarists in Peru. Eddy Geott for his part dedicated himself to his professional career as an Industrial Engineer but never abandoned his true passion, he participated in various local bands, adding his characterized melodic and aggressive touch on the 4 Strings. Jose Gaona undertook a successful musical career as a soloist, participating in many musical productions: second in the television program "The Voice PERU" and winner of the singing competition "The Final Four". Jose Gaona is considered today one of the best voices of Peruvian Rock. In mid-2015, Eddy Geott meets Adnagun Franco, a very talented young drummer, with whom he understood very well at the rhythmic base. Eddy Geott decided to invite Oscar J. Martin to a rehearsal, at that time Oscar had just returned to Lima full of energy and eager to rock. After a pleasant talk, they started playing some covers of Yngwie Malmsteen, Deep Purple, Rainbow, Alcatrazz and Rata Blanca, it was an unforgettable rehearsal, that's why they decided to summon Jose Gaona for a next rehearsal. After more than 10 years Oscar J. Martin, Jose Gaona and Eddy Geott met again, this time together with Adnagun Franco on the drums, they were determined to release all their energy and musical talent, this was an explosive combination, a Dangerous Project was born. Dangerous Project began to make its way into the Lima scene performing songs by Yngwie J. Malmsteen, Rata Blanca, Deep Purple, Rainbow and Alcatrazz, and for this they summoned a good friend, the virtuous keyboardist Renzo Huánuco belonging to the amazing Power Metal band NAUTILUZ. Together they participated in different festivals inside and outside the capital, becoming the opening act of the spanish band SARATOGA. At the beginning of 2018, the band began working on their first album, Oscar J. Martin was in charge of the composition and pre-production, while Eddy Geott was responsible for the production. However, in the middle of the road, for personal reasons, Renzo Huánuco leave the band, so the renowned keyboardist Luber Elend, a musician with extensive experience, incredible performance and mastery of various musical genres, joined the band and sealed the circle so that the long-awaited Dangerous Project album comes to light. Band Line-Up: Jose Gaona Voice Oscar J. Martin Guitar Eddy Geott Bass Adnagun Franco Drums Luber Elend Keyboard

CD Track Listing: 01. Evil Strike 02. Hide In The Shadows 03. Burning Angel 04. Cosmic Vision 05. Keeper Of The Sun 06. The Fire In My Heart 07. She Doesn't Believe In Love 08. Never Surrender 09. Into The Eternity 10. Point Of No Return 11. Guardian Del Sol (Bonus Track) 12. EL Fuego En Mi Corazón (Bonus Track) Social Media Links: https://www.facebook.com/DangerousProject/


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