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ARMORED SAINT Guitarist JEFF DUNCAN's Solo Album Gets Physical Release

ARMORED SAINT/ODIN guitarist Jeff Duncan is set to release the physical version of his debut solo LP WANDERLUSTin April on EMP LABEL GROUP. Released digitally in late 2019 by WARRANT’s Erik Turner and Jerry Dixon on their DOWNBOYS label, the physical release will hit stores April 24th on CD, with a limited edition vinyl release in July.

Produced by Jason Constantine & Jeff Duncan, and mixed by Jason Constantine, Wanderlust is 11 tracks of powerhouse progressive, instrumental Hard Rock, sure to delight fans of Guitar shred albums. featuring a guest appearance by ARMORED SAINTbassist Joey Very on the track “Mr. Allen”.

Duncan formed legendary LA Metal outfit ODIN as a teenager in the early 80’s, with his brother Shawn Duncan, vocalist Randy O, and bassist Aaron Samson, before joining ARMORED SAINT in 1989, performing on the albums Symbol of Salvation, Revelation, Nod to the Old School, La Raza, Win Hands Down, and the 2017 live release Carpe Noctem, as well as their forthcoming studio album, due out in 2020. Since the mid-90’s, Duncan also performs in Hard Rock act DC4, with brothers Shawn and Matt Duncan, and guitarist Rowan Robertson (ex-DIO).

Says Duncan, “I’ve always wanted to do a record like this and I’m so thrilled that it has become a reality. I’ve had a special relationship with the guitar most of my life, so making a record completely utilizing the guitar as a form of expression is a dream come true. I’m also very excited to release the physical with EMP as I’ve known Dave Ellefson for many years and Thom Hazaert has been enormously supportive. I hope everyone enjoys Wanderlust!"

Says EMP’s Thom Hazaert, “Being a huge fan of both ODIN and ARMOED SAINT, I think Jeff Duncan is one of the greatest guitar players on the planet. And being able to forge a unique partnership with our friends Jerry and Erik from WARRANT, for them to release the album digitally, while releasing the physical versions on EMP, was very exciting. As a label, we’re still very committed to the physical product, and partnering with artists and companies we believe in. And on WANDERLUST, we got to do both.”

Ellefson adds, “I have a long, great relationship with ARMOED SAINT, performing many times over the years with them, including last year on the MEGACRUISE, and with John Bush, both in METAL ALLEGIANCE, and on my solo material. So, when Jeff came to us with his solo release, obviously it was a no-brainer. He’s an incredible guitar player, and made an incredible guitar record. And to partner with the WARRANT guys, who are dear friends for many years, was just an added bonus.”


  • "The Body Electric"

  • "Siempre Tu"

  • "Evel Knievel"

  • "Wanderlust"

  • "Mr. Allen"

  • "Montana Street"

  • "Ad Astra"

  • "Niha"

  • "Gingerland"

  • "Nedlah"

  • "Sleep Walk"

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