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Vandallus release new album "Outbreak"

From Cleveland Ohio, USA, Vandallus was born from the living inspiration of classic Hard Rock bands like Dokken, Scorpions, Def Leppard, and MSG. Jason Vanek (aka CrazyV) and Jamie Walters (Midnight, Boulder) continually crossed paths at various shows, shooting the shit about starting a project to carry on the legacy. Midnight boss Jamie wrote a few songs in collaboration with CrazyV and his brother Vanik to kickstart the debut album On The High Side (2016) released via High Roller Records. Real instruments and music are what they are all about. Initially starting as a side project, quickly became a functioning band due to underground buzz. Their debut album was mastered by Arnie Acosta (Santa Monica Mastering) who worked on many classic productions. The follow-up album “Bad Disease” was recorded live in the studio and released in 2018 via Pure Steel Records. Now the 3rd powerhouse “Outbreak” has been unleashed upon the world. Some comments from Vandallus member CrazyV & Fans:

CrazyV: “The sound of On The High Side is very direct and old school. The main vibe with this band is to capture an era that won't be forgotten, straight forward hooks without the over-processed bullshit.”

Henrik Thøgersen: “Armed with sensational songwriting skills, evocative vocals, fist-pumping riffs, and a pristine production, Vandallus rise high above the throng of 80s worshiping retro-rockers on the scene. Like all truly great music, this cornucopia of engaging hard rock bangers will surely stand the test of time.”

Band Line-Up: Jason Vanek (CrazyV) – Lead Vocals Shaun Vanek (Vanik) – Lead Guitar Steve Dukuslow (SteveD) – Drums Tim Frederick (Tim-Ay) – Bass Vic Stown – Rhythm Guitar CD Track Listing: 1. Barricade (Vanik) 2. Not Alone (CrazyV) 3. Heartbleed Eyes (CrazyV) 4. Outbreak (CrazyV & Vanik) 5. Bang The City Down (CrazyV) 6. Shotgun Lady (Vanik) 7. Indecision (Jamie Walters) 8. Cold Hearted (Jamie Walters) 9. Ready To Ride (Vanik) 10. Vandallus - Tape EP Bonus (CrazyV)


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