THOR releases new lyric video "Wormhole"

From the moment the monster riff, stomping groove, and thick wah-pedal solo kicks in at the top of “Wormhole”, you know the heavy metal god of thunder is not here to play around. The song, the second single from Thor’s upcoming Rising album, rock’s hard with the spirit of musical giants of yore such as Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne and Alice Cooper, laying waste to metal poseurs everywhere. “Throw them all in a wormhole,” screams Thor mercilessly, his voice dripping with ruthless severity and disgust.

Thor offers this rumination, “For ‘Wormhole,’ I channeled some Sabbath, Ozzy and Alice. The song is also influenced by my interest in science fiction and outer space but it also pertains to the everyday stress of life. When things become overwhelming, one may want to place their problems in a black hole. In space anything that enters a black hole is lost, gone for good, but with a wormhole it comes back at ya, just faster! So it becomes a vicious cycle.”

The new Thor studio album, Rising, is out this Friday, February 28, via Cleopatra Records.

Rising features Thor’s classic ’80s metal sound combined with modern influences to create a potent blend of old and new that has kept this metal viking thriving for over four decades. Available on both CD and on limited edition gold vinyl.


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