The new album H.E.A.T II is out today!

It is finally time for H.E.A.T to release their first album produced entirely by the band! This album goes back to the bands beginnings, redefining the raw H.E.A.T-sound. "This is what we would have sounded if we´re to make a debut album in 2019."

H.E.A.T II has already been praised by prestigious rock magazines. "The obvious sequel to the debut album "Sweden Rock Mag, "II is too good" Powerplay, "Whitesnake for 2020: unashamedly arena-worthy" Metal Hammer UK, ”This record brushes the fringes of perfection...” Planet Rock Mag.. and the list goes on!

Pre-orders of this masterpiece on Vinyl, CD and download has already been in full go for over a month now. For those who pre-ordered, the wait is over! This baby will drop down your mailbox any day now!


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