American Bombshell drop new video 'Joyride' from latest album "Tattooed 'N Bruised&

Unfiltered, raw, uncompromising. These words all come to mind when watching American Bombshell. Since 2014, This Indianapolis based five-piece has been leaving stages in sweat and beer soaked shambles, shattering any glass ceilings that stand in their way. They have one mission and it is simple: make rock and roll great again. Winning nationwide national recording academy sponsored contests? All in a day's work. Working with legendary producer Mike Clink at prestigious East West studios in Los Angeles? No problem. Crushing SXSW in front of thousands of first time listeners? They won em' over after the first song. Teaming with EMP records, the band presents their sophomore effort. Primed to be an instant classic, (and with the help of a few friends you may have heard of) it may earn American Bombshell it's greatest accolades yet. They are the successors to the rock throne, and will define the genre, accepting nothing less. The only question is, "Are you in?"


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