Alevosia’s new lineup release three new songs

The first Alevosia band was formed in Santiago de Chile in 2004. Like many other music bands, it started just like a group of teenagers playing cheap instruments in a garage. The first years were about learning and growing, playing covers of classic bands like Metallica, Judas Priest, Deep Purple, etc. In addition, many members went and back, therefore there was never a solid line-up. Only Claudio (guitar) and Max (drums) stood as founding members.Claudio and Max wanted to be more than a cover band and they begun to compose their first songs. Mostly inspired on power metal bands like Rhapsody or Blind Guardian. At the late 2007, vocalist Esteban ‘Wieder’ Morales joined the band, giving new ideas and impulse to their rising music. Finally, in 2008 Alevosia had their first permanent line-up. They were ready to rock like a grow-up band. 2009 was a great year : they recorded their first demo with eight original songs, they played for the first time in a club and they began to have a monthly concert schedule. The audience reception was very good, but they needed to go for the next step in the music bussiness: to record a full lenght album. The opportunity came two years later, then in December 2011 Alevosia released ‘Excitantemente excitante’, a self-produced album with eleven tracks, including two songs written in english. In 2013 Max (drums) left the band, since then Claudio (guitar) and Esteban (vocals) remains as Alevosia’sleading members. In spite of losing a key member, they kept working in new material, they found new musiciansand they recorded a live DVD in 2015 in one of the most prestigious theaters in Santiago. In 2019 Alevosia released an EP called ‘Mortis’ with three singles from the upcoming new CD, schedulled to 2020. Many line-ups have been part of the Alevosia’s history, but there is one particular feature that have remained through the years: heavy metal powerfull live shows!

Band Line-Up:

Esteban ‘Wieder’ Morales – Lead vocals / keyboards Claudio Pizarro – Rhytm guitar / backing vocals Kevin ‘Storm’ Falcon – Lead guitar Raimundo Belmar – Bass Nicolas Nuñez - Drums

CD Trackin Listing: 1. Mortis 2. Rock and Wrestling 3. You Don't Desire the Life Social Media Links:


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