Argus Roh releases Worlds Collide (EP)

Worlds Collide was recorded in November of 2019, The tracks chosen on the EP were the very first tracks that we wrote together as a band. Worlds Collide track is a good representation of what our sound has evolved to. We would like to add that Vocalist Samuel Escobar joined the band in late August of 2019 and had not done vocals on other projects for some time prior to joining Argus Roh. Sam wrote lyrics and melodies for all tracks and was ready for the studio within 2 months. The EP was tracked live with a full band. Prior to going to the studio, we spent countless hours practicing those songs to sound as tight as possible. Worlds Collide was tracked in 3 days and is our first release. Worlds Collide features Argus Roh's early collection of songs. It represents the beginning of the band and the direction the band is going. "Burn Tonight" features fast paced riffs, hard hitting drums and modern vocals. "Worlds Collide" provides an idea of what direction the band is currently in. Modern metalcore riffs with a hint of swing drums. Words Collide lyrics feature stories based on the bands mascot "Trinity" to real life experiences.


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