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KISS Movie Biopic Set for Release Summer of 2021

KISS’s manager Doc McGhee has confirmed that a KISS movie biopic is in the works and it will tentatively be released in July 2021 to coincide with the band calling it quits.

Doc McGhee, who has helmed KISS’s career since 1995, recently sat down for a chat with Rock Talk With Mitch Lafon, and he revealed that work is already underway on the movie biopic with esteemed American film producer Mark Canton (300, Land of the Dead) on board.

Asked about the movie, McGhee said: “Well, there’s two things. We have a documentary that we’re doing right now and we’re in the middle of working on a KISS biopic. So, more news will come of that.”

Revealing more nuggets of information about the film, McGhee continued: “It’s scripted. I can tell you it’s with Mark Canton, so he’s a great producer and a really good guy.

“The team that we’re putting together right now, we have directors and stuff. Now, hopefully in the next week we’ll have a company behind it and we’ll start finishing the script.

“Hopefully, by the time we end (KISS play their final show in New York on 17th July 2021) – whatever we’re going to do (in terms of releasing the movie) will be in July of next year.”

When the film does see the light of day, KISS will become the latest act have their own movie biopic following in the footsteps of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody, Mötley Crüe’s The Dirt and Elton John’s Rocketman.

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