EVIL INVADERS Premiere Killer New Video for VENOM Classic, “Witching Hour”

Last October saw progressive thrash/speed metal overlords EVIL INVADERS release their first live album via Napalm Records. Surge of Insanity - Live in Antwerp 2018 is the band's ultimate hometown takeover, taped at the Trix Zaal in 2018, and immortalizes their incredible high-octane live phenomenon in sound and vision. Today, EVIL INVADERS are sharing a brand new video for a very special song and metal anthem, a cover of the Venom classic “Witching Hour”!

Says EVIL INVADERS frontman Joe: "Venom is a Metal icon and Witching Hour is a true Metal classic, to which we gave our own touch. This is Evil Invaders meets Venom and the extra special element is that our lead guitarist Max is doing vocals on this one, giving the song a new dimension for the fans. The adrenaline we feel on stage when playing this cover track is beyond insane. Despite the blades, the smoke and all the sparks, we think everyone made it out alive."

Witness the new live EVIL INVADERS experience and their unique twist on a timeless metal classic by watching “Witching Hour” – live in Antwerp


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