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The JANI LANE penned song "Sure Feels Good To Me" to appear in Walmart's Super Bowl co

WARRANT's "Sure Feels Good To Me", which originally appeared on the band's 1990 album "Cherry Pie", is featured in the first-time Super Bowl television commercial from the biggest U.S. retailer Walmart. Dubbed "Famous Visitors", the 60-second TV spot that will air during the game shows 12 characters from popular movies and TV programs who "touch down on Earth" from "across the galaxy" to collect groceries and other products at Walmart curbside pickup stations.

"What better way to show off the out-of-this-world convenience of Walmart's pickup service than the biggest television event of the year," Janey Whiteside, executive vice president and chief customer officer at Walmart, said in a blog post. "For the first time ever, Walmart will be airing an ad during the Big Game with the help of some familiar visitors.

"We're excited to show tens of millions of viewers who tune in to the Big Game how our pickup service can reinvent their shopping experience and add much-needed time back into their day," Whiteside said in her blog.

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