MIKE TRAMP set to launch “Songs Of White Lion” USA tour

One time only……

I have decided that in 2020, I will exclusively be touring with my musical partner in crime and brother Marcus Nand, doing a 100% vintage “Songs Of White Lion” set. Many of you have been calling out for this for a long time, and since a reunion of any kind will never ever happen. I’d like to show you that I have not forgotten the many songs that I wrote with Vito Bratta in the 80’s. And now with this power duo, and specially Marcus great guitar playing. I am able to take this show to places that I could not bring a full band. We are now booking the USA for April, May, June.

The United Kingdom for September, and Germany/Benelux and other European countries in October. With all that being said. Nov/Dec in Denmark will be with Band Of Brothers. TBC. Tramp.


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