Preppen Barium release debut self-titled album

Preppen Barium is a hard rock band with a metal injection. In January 2020, they released their self-titled debut album “Preppen Barium” across all digital platforms, and on physical CD. It’s an eight song, cohesive burst of energy. A thought provoking look at the heaviness of life, while still embracing it’s possibilities & pleasures. The band’s subject matter comes from real & relatable human experiences, and touches on every emotion & existence, from gutters to mountain tops. Actual singing with aggressive & melodic vocals are delivered with sincerity. Preppen Barium writes killer riffs with searing leads, deep bass lines, and murderous beats to create music for your dark heart. You’ll be hooked from the first note’s smack to the face, through to the final chaotic car crash, and all epic points in between. “Preppen Barium” tells the band’s story through an album that resonates. It’s the kind of journey that makes you want to start at the top once you’ve hit bottom.

The seeds of Preppen Barium were planted long ago while Matt Tolle(Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar) and Kyle Harvey(Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals) crossed paths in a world of racecars, dirt bikes, skateboards, metal fabrication, and art, that was at all times soaked in Rock N Roll & decadence! They spent years & miles searching for and experiencing kick ass music together from the front row. Inside, they knew what had to be done in order to satisfy their Rock N Roll cravings. The two guitar players over time created the skeletons to a handful of songs, but life, as it sometimes does, just got in the way. Matt carried on playing guitar, singing, and writing songs while Kyle needed to tend to his life’s responsibilities. During this time, Matt connected with Drew Baker on drums and they proceeded to take the skeletons of those songs and turn them into something more. They found a group of musicians to form a band that would perform at house parties and local bars. Like many bands, it was a project that had potential, but just wasn’t able to get the chemistry & cohesiveness needed to gain traction. In 2017, Drew left the band to pursue his solo songwriting aspirations and Kyle had found himself in a place that let him get back to making music so he rejoined and finished out the year playing a few local shows with the band. With the new year approaching, it was time for a radical change. Knowing their current position wasn’t working, and with a commitment to each other, they took a big leap of faith and relocated to Charlotte, NC in order to pursue their dreams. At the start of 2018, the band leased a rehearsal space and the Matt and Kyle set up shop & went to work. They tightened up the material, and were in search of a bass player & drummer to get going. Right away, they found their perfect fit in drummer David Dalton Jr. Already a familiar face & having jammed a couple times in the past, David came in and instantly clicked. Both musically and personally, the three quickly formed a tight bond and pushed them to the next level. All they needed now was a bass player with the same passion. Another friend came in on bass, & it was in motion. They laid out the set of songs, & went at it hardcore to refine them & get the band tight. After a brief break, while David attended school, the band began recording preproduction and drum tracks for the remainder of the year. By early 2019 recordings were going extremely well, but prior to completion, change came again and they were looking for a bass player. With the position open, shows to play, and an album to finish, they turned to an old friend. Drew Baker, the former band mate and good friend was coming back to play bass and be the fourth member they needed. Together they finished the album and set their sights on the Charlotte music scene. On January 4, 2020 at midnight Preppen Barium dropped their debut album on digital streaming platforms a played a blistering set at The Milestone in Charlotte, NC setting the stage for a promising year.


Matt Tolle - Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar Kyle Harvey - Backing Vocals, Rhythm Guitar Andrew Baker - Backing Vocals, Bass Guitar David Dalton Jr. - Drums Track Listing: 1. Prep N Bury Em 2. Deathproof 3. Love Lies 4. Strife 5. Diary Of A Broken Doll 6. Black Swan 7. Heart Failure... Resuscitation 8. Speed Social Media Links:


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