Danny Veras releases new album "Under The Influence"

"Under The Influence" is the 2nd solo effort from Danny Veras and is produced by Aor legend Paul Sabu. This melodic sultry rocker is a must have for any collection and highlights some of the greatest players on the planet! Born in Brazil, Natal, On may 1st 1977; of a Spanish mother and Brasilian father. After various life experiences he went to europe as a kid and lived in France until the age of 11. It was already his big dream to be a rock singer since he heard Elvis for the 1st time when his sister gave him a tape of him. Danny started playing guitar on his own at the age of 11 , when he arrived in Spain (Barcelona). The year after he started a band with some guys from his town he was living in Spain. At the age of 15 he went to the Costa Brava to live and he started a band in Barcelona with his friend "Victor Conde" who was playing drums, "Joan Casanovas" on guitar , they formed “The Griffters” a hard rock band with an American style .In '93 they've recorded their 1st demo with 6 songs on a 4 track recorder . After that record the band split up .. He started to compose his own songs like “running away” and “ there´s some magic” and he called some friends to go into the studio to record 2 songs: “The light of my life” & “T.V scream”. After that he left Spain and went to Switzerland to study in a school in '96. He met some guys who had a progressive metal band “MT20” and they needed a singer , so he did the try-out and it worked; .......Danny ended up in The United States in 2003 and recorded the album “In Time” with the band “7 Months”, In 2006 he formed the 3 piece band “L.A.Holeshot” with “Barry Magnuson” on drums (7 Months), Michael Nightingale on Bass, they recorded a 3 song demo at Dave Waterbury ‘s studio (Spirit) , in 2007 Danny left the band and moved to Florida where he started playing in local cover bands, (Wrecktifier, Rock Bottom Band, Soulicide, Temple of Souls) In 2012 he received a call from legendary producer Paul Sabu and started working on his 1st solo album “Never give up” with the Help of “Thorsten Koehne” on Lead guitar (Hardline, Eden’s curse, Sunstorm), Eric Ragno on keys (London, Joe Lynn Turner) , Pete Newdeck (Grim Reaper, Paul DiAnno ) and Al Edwards on Bass, wich was released in 2014, after spending time recording the next album “Blow , punch & strike” for a record label , the album was never released and Danny decided to go back to his favorite producer “Sabu” to record the second solo effort “Under the influence” this time with a different line up, and a bunch of guest Guitar players, released digitally in 2018, and more recently in 2019 on CD, Danny is currently working on the next album “First Strike” with legendary AOR producer “Paul Sabu”

Band Line- up : Danny Veras -Vocals Paul Sabu - Guitar & Backing vocals Dennis Churchill Dries - Bass & Backing vocals Barry "Blue" Magnuson - Drums James Paat - Keyboards Special guests: Chris Risola (Steelheart) Tommy Lafferty (Voodoo X, Crown of thorns) Howie Simon (Nelson, Jeff Scott Soto ) Gary Schutt (Jeff Scott Soto) André Krengel Andrés Estrada


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